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The Top 3 Business Concerns of Black Friday and Cyber Monday


Whether you’re a retailer or just a keen shopper, you’ve definitely heard of Black Friday and Cyber Monday. The post-Thanksgiving sales days have long been a staple of US economy, but are increasingly gaining traction in UK retail. These two days offer retailers a chance to maximise profits in the run-up to Christmas, but pose obvious difficulties and concerns for same day and next day deliveries. In this guide, we explore the top 3 business concerns of Black Friday and Cyber Monday, and how Black Friday courier Speedy Freight can help.

What do Black Friday and Cyber Monday mean for your business? 

Black Friday is of course the post-Thanksgiving sale, originating in America, which in recent years has crossed the Atlantic to become a cornerstone of pre-Christmas shopping in Europe. The term ‘Cyber Monday’ refers to the Monday following the Black Friday, where online sales have reached a peak in recent years from those keen to out-do competitors’ sales. This weekend naturally comprises a large portion of winter sales for retailers, who have come to rely on this four-day span as a significant weekend of revenue in the pre-Christmas period.

When Is Black Friday 2021?

In 2021, Black Friday is set to fall on Friday 26th November, with Cyber Monday falling on the 30th November.  If your business hasn’t yet started preparing for Black Friday, now is the time for action! Finding your Black Friday courier service is a huge boost to organisation and preparation, which can help you feel confident that your organisation is prepared for the rush of 2020 Black Friday and Cyber Monday.


These peak trading days can naturally pose difficulties for retailers keen to participate. Though the immense traction and increased revenue seems attractive, it can pose a logistical challenge for retailers to ensure that they have ample stock in preparation. In addition, it’s key to be able to provide a rapid delivery service of goods bought online. With vast experience in supporting retailers, Speedy Freight is the same day courier service to call to support this Black Friday weekend.


What are the top 3 business concerns of Black Friday and Cyber Monday – and how can Speedy Freight help? 

There are several key aspects to consider for businesses when preparing for the rush of Black Friday and Cyber Monday.

  1. Perhaps the most vital thing that businesses need to ensure is the sufficiency of stock. If you don’t have the products, you won’t make the sales! However, over-order and your warehouse will be full of surplus goods you struggle to shift. Striking the right balance is crucial – as is a reliable same day courier to deliver the goods.

With Speedy Freight, you know that your goods are in safe hands. Whatever, whenever – we’re there to deliver, usually able to collect within an hour of placing your order. Our deliveries are also trackable, providing you with regular status updates.

  1. Another issue which can be a cause for concern is the reliability and functionality of your business’ website. Whether it’s a desktop site, mobile site, or app, it’s vital to ensure that customers can purchase your goods through your online portal. Now more than ever, customers are taking advantage of Black Friday deals (as well as Cyber Monday!) from the comfort of their own homes.

It’s key to make sure that your website is capable of handling the increased traffic caused by savvy online shoppers, who are more than likely after home delivery of their discounted goods. If so, you need to know that your courier service can respond to last-minute orders and changes. With Black Friday courier Speedy Freight, same day delivery is part of our offering – which is why we can stay on-hand to help.

  1. A further aspect to consider ahead of Black Friday and Cyber Monday is that of fulfilment. Your goods have been delivered to the warehouse; customers have found your site, and they’ve successfully managed to order their discount items – now what?  Their items need to make their way out – and fast. With so many people using Black Friday and Cyber Monday as a Christmas present haul, expectation of rapid delivery is paramount: even in the transport of goods across borders and overseas!

It’s important not to fall at the last hurdle, and leave customers feeling underwhelmed by their delivery experience. Even when most online purchases are made late in the day, customers have come to expect that their purchases will be shipped and delivered by the next day. With a Black Friday courier service like Speedy Freight, those hot deals can be snapped up and delivered the very same day. Speedy Freight can help to combine your convenient e-commerce service with almost the same instant gratification as shopping in person, making sure that your customers keep coming back. With our same day dedicated service, we can support your same day click and collect requirements, or your next day delivery by moving goods in bulk to your collection or hub locations.


For larger consignments such as furniture, we also offer a white-glove delivery to home service throughout the UK. A survey by Bizrate Insights published in the June Internet Retailer stated that 44% of online shoppers have abandoned an online shopping cart because the item they were seeking to purchase wouldn’t arrive on time. A US logistics survey also demonstrated that 30% of online shoppers have ordered items for same day delivery from an e-commerce site – and this trend is growing in the UK. A Zendesk study revealed that 42% of customers said they bought more after a good customer service experience, making strong delivery experience important for future revenue!

If you’d like to prepare your business for success this Black Friday and Cyber Monday with a Black Friday courier service you know you can trust, be sure to give us a call at Speedy Freight and hear how we can help you this November.

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