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What couriers do same-day delivery in Taunton?

In any business, you always need to be ready for the unexpected, such as your in-house courier driver being unable to deliver because of holidays or sick days, a machine breaking down, or an urgent sensitive package needing same-day delivery. In these moments, you need a quick courier response –  and we know it needs to be local, to have any chance of meeting your urgent deadline. That’s why Speedy Freight offers same-day, next-day and express delivery services across the UK.


At Speedy Freight, we understand your need for a quick response. Any delays in a business can be a massive setback –  not just for the company’s productivity, but its reputation with its customers, too.  To avoid any delays, Speedy Freight always aims to have an appropriate vehicle (and of course its driver!) with you anywhere in the Taunton area, within an hour. 

Why Choose Speedy Freight?

Whether your industry is retail, construction, medical supplies or any other that may require a same-day delivery service – our fleet of 4,000 vehicles is equipped to handle your needs. Whether you need a standard courier van or a 45ft artic, we’ve got you covered. No matter what you’re looking to deliver, Speedy Freight is there. 


With our fleet of vehicles comes our experienced team, with drivers to ensure smooth delivery and our helpful team to take you through from booking to delivery. We have partnered with companies in many different industries (check out our Case Studies for more) – providing logistic support and services. Experience is invaluable in a courier, as without the necessary expertise you may incur delays. Our branch manager has years of experience in logistics and maintains Speedy Freight’s excellent relationships and reputation within the Taunton area.


As part of our mission to solve your courier needs as quickly as possible, Speedy Freight is open 24/7. We know not every business conforms to the standard 9 till 5 or Monday to Friday. Many courier services don’t provide this coverage, which can cause issues for clients when needs arise –  late at night, at weekends, or even during public holidays!


At Speedy Freight Taunton, our goal is always to fulfil your same-day courier needs as quickly as possible, 24/7, 365 days a year. Whenever you need a courier in Taunton, you’ll know that Speedy Freight is always available. 

A Taunton Courier You Can Trust 


Time spent worrying about when your package will arrive or frantically refreshing a broken page is time that could be spent more productively elsewhere. Whether you’re worried about when your delivery will arrive, whether it was picked up on time or if it has other deliveries that might be delaying its arrival – there’s no need, with Speedy. 


At Speedy Freight we are dedicated to your consignment, which is why we will never co-load one of our vehicles with multiple client’s goods –  so you can be 100% confident that from pickup to delivery, our courier is heading directly to the designated destination.  For further peace of mind, we offer a Status Tracking option, which allows you to check on the position of your items throughout their journey in (or out of!) Taunton.  You will also have your very own dedicated Account Manager available 24/7 if you have any queries. 


Don’t just take our word for it! Speedy Freight has a five-star TrustPilot rating, which is the consensus of thousands of customers. We always make our clients the top priority – that never changes. 


Whatever the time of day, whatever the day of the year, whatever the size of your item, Speedy Freight can cover it. We provide our experience and reliable service throughout Taunton, offering same-day delivery and next day delivery, so if you have a courier need Speedy Freight can deliver.  If you want to talk to one of our team about your courier needs please feel free to get in touch with our general contact number, or contact the Taunton branch directly. 

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