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What Services Can A Construction Courier Offer?

We know that the success of construction projects all depends on timing. From delivering important documents, transporting supplies and shipping materials between sites, you’ll always need to ensure that each moving part is perfectly-timed to work together. In the current climate, it’s vital to make sure your supply chain is up and running for 2021 before embarking on new projects. Below are some examples of the many and varied services a construction courier like Speedy Freight can offer to assist with that all-important workflow.


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Services That A Construction Courier Can Offer


Urgent Movement of Tools

To keep construction running smoothly, it is essential to have all necessary tools and material on-site and to hand, as and when you need them. However, should you be faced with an emergency breakdown of equipment or machinery, or an urgent requirement for more raw materials, it can be difficult to know how to proceed. Your handling of the emergency situation is critical to prevent an enormous disruption to your workflow.

A construction courier service is able to bring your urgently-required goods directly to the site precisely when they are needed- whether individual machine parts, raw materials, or construction tools. Engaging the services of a construction courier lets you focus on the management of the situation without leaving the site, whilst the urgent tool transportation to the site is outsourced.



Transporting Large Plant Machinery

Transporting large plant machinery can be a logistical nightmare for construction project managers. That’s why, at Speedy Freight, we’re here for you. We offer a construction courier service, with vehicles large and stable enough for the job of transporting large plant machinery for the efficient completion of construction projects. We have access to a fleet of over 4000 vehicles includes a wealth of larger vehicles, from Flat Beds to Beavertails and Transporters to guarantee that whatever your large plant machinery transportation needs – Speedy Freight will meet them.

Our experienced drivers ensure that your large plant machinery will arrive exactly when you need it, allowing you to get on with the job.

Moving Heavy Or Oversized Cargo

Construction projects nearly always require heavy or oversized cargo, whether that’s the raw materials, a large existing structure or the movement of steel work. Speedy Freight are well-equipped to deliver heavy and oversized items to your construction project, no matter the cargo. This might include heavy aggregate or large packs of bricks, which require cranes or a hiab – a type of loader crane – to lift from the vehicle.

In addition to offering cranes for hire, Speedy Freight are able to advise on the suitability of a front or rear-mounted rigid crane for moving your oversized items. Our hiabs are specialised for rough terrain and water immersion, which can be a necessity when it comes to certain construction projects.

Speedy Freight are additionally able to offer a construction courier service able to move large beams or even sections of bridges, liaising with local authorities and even with the police if necessary. If needed, Speedy Freight will organise external services to assist in the transportation of such large structures.

Same Day v.s. Emergency Situations

To make use of all the services that a construction courier can offer your construction project, you can book Speedy Freight’s services in advance. Find your local branch and give us a call – we don’t use call centres, so you can be sure you’re speaking to the best person to help organise your courier.

We pride ourselves on being a dedicated same day courier: if your construction project has a last-minute need, be that emergency tool hire or additional raw materials to be supplied, Speedy Freight can deliver. If you already have an existing freight provider and they fail to deliver on the day, we’re here for you: we’ll get your project back up and running in no time at all.

Organising Specialist Vehicles

At Speedy Freight, we know that not everyone’s construction courier service needs are the same. Whether our clients need important contract documents or bulky plant equipment delivered, the vehicle size, time frame and special requirements will be different each time we deliver. That’s why we tailor our service to suit you, offering efficient transportation and delivery that meets your construction courier needs every time, no matter the request.

Not sure what kind of vehicle you need? Not a problem – just get in touch with your local branch and our experienced team will be able to work it out for you from your requirements.


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