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What Types Of Freight Forwarding Services Does Speedy Freight Offer?

At Speedy Freight, you won’t be surprised to learn that freight forwarding is a core and central part of what we do here. But something that might surprise you is our versatility: here at Speedy Freight, our teams don’t only offer our famous speedy courier service by road – our service spans the seas and the skies too! 

Freight forwarding by air, sea and land are part of the Speedy service. Thanks to our wide network we can move your goods by plane and by sea as required, including the coordination of collection and onward travel. With our international courier service, our couriers can move your goods from the UK to the EU, the EU to the UK, as well as throughout Britain and the world, providing you with the world-class courier service you expect from us at Speedy Freight. 

Our international compliance teams will also ensure that you have the correct documentation for moving your goods nationally and internationally – to ensure a smooth and easy journey for your consignments. Learn more here:


What is Freight Forwarding?

To go back to basics, freight forwarding refers to the movement of goods on a large or bulk scale. The freight forwarding industry includes couriering, but is not limited to the movement of goods through car, van or lorry: instead, freight forwarding refers to moving goods around the world on behalf of importers and exporters and can include moving goods by ship and plane as well as road vehicles.

The core specialism of freight forwarders is in the movement of cargo. Freight forwarders’ duties involve maintaining all the relevant documentation for the movement of the goods, often ensuring international compliance, goods’ customs clearance, overseeing all cargo packing and can also include the forwarding of dangerous or hazardous goods.


How Can Speedy Freight Help With Freight Forwarding? 

At Speedy Freight, our experts can provide you with our three modes of transportation: offering freight forwarding services via land, sea and air. Our vehicles can transport your goods by any of our three services: 



Transporting goods by air is a sought-after service. Usually applicable for overseas and Europe-bound consignments, for critically urgent cargo. Thanks to our connected teams, we can move consignments by air quickly and efficiently, and provide you with the support you need to ensure your documents are in order. By choosing Speedy Freight, you are working with a team who will understand your requirements and through our specialist partnerships will make it simple to provide a tailored solution. 



Our dedicated teams can also help to move your goods internationally by vessel. Our teams are experts in the documentation requirements of moving goods internationally by sea, and can assist you with preparing the necessary documents. We will support you with container sizes if required, and onward travel. Whether your cargo is less than a full container load (LCL) or full container load (FCL) we’ll advise the fastest, safest and most cost efficient option, and communicate with you throughout the whole process.



Of course, our team here at Speedy Freight is well known for our road transport services! With 24/7, 365 service, our dedicated teams are available across the UK. Find your local team here: 


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