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Which courier can provide same-day delivery for retail?

Today, same-day delivery for retail doesn’t mean quite what it used to. Let’s face it – in today’s world, a fast delivery almost means instantaneous! Though we may not quite be at the level of teleportation or commercial drone deliveries, same-day delivery has fast become the bare minimum for consumers so accustomed to a speedy drop-off of their ordered product. 


Retailers can as a result often find their resources stretched far too thinly, with drivers often required to work longer shifts with increased stops, and less room for error or correction should an issue arise. Trying to fit more and more deliveries into the same space of time naturally lends itself to delays, as already-pushed drivers compete with an ever-growing list of drops. As we all know, and none more so than retailers, dissatisfied customers are often the loudest – and a stretched customer service risks poor reviews- a risk that no business can afford to take.

So, what’s a busy retailer to do? Offering same-day delivery is no longer a nice-to-have, it’s a must for many modern consumers. If your fleet can’t keep up with the demand and needs a little extra support, or you’re looking to build a relationship with a courier service – look no further than Speedy Freight.  


Who Is Speedy Freight? 


Speedy Freight is the nation’s favourite same-day courier service, with a proven track record in delivering for retail – either as the sole delivery fleet or as support to our clients’ existing fleet. Speedy Freight is experienced in everything from white-glove furniture delivery services to lifting the pressure on drivers distributing bulk stock to regional or local distribution hubs. Experienced in same-day and next-day delivery, Speedy Freight operates a streamlined 24-hour delivery service to accommodate all industries and organisations.

What Services Can Speedy Freight Offer? 


Our drivers are highly-trained, efficient and dedicated to our clients – as a dedicated courier service, Speedy Freight only transports one client’s goods per journey. We never co-load, meaning that your retail delivery will be moved from A to B as efficiently as is possible. With no unnecessary stops along the way, and no delays incurred by transporting other clients’ goods, you can rest assured that your same-day delivery will be with you within the agreed upon time frame. We know that some things just can’t wait, which is why our same-day delivery service aims to be with you from one hour of you making your booking.


Worried about the journey of your consignment? With our Status Tracking option, all our  clients can receive updates on the journey of their item from collection to delivery – allowing you that all-important peace of mind.


Book Your Same-Day Retail Courier With Speedy Freight Today


Why risk providing your clients (and their clients!) with an unsatisfactory delivery service? Protect your supply chain with Speedy Freight, and ensure that your same-day courier service can deliver on its promises. To make your booking, simply find your local Speedy Freight hub or please feel free to get in touch with us if you have any other queries and our friendly team will be more than happy to assist.

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