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Which Courier Service To Use For Large Items

If you wish to move items which are too bulky, large or heavy to be transported in a car or a van, you’ll need to hire a courier service for large items. There are lots of things to consider when engaging the services of a professional courier service for this kind of large item transportation, in order to ensure your item receives the best and most suitable care and handling.


Choose A Trusted And Experienced Courier

To know which courier service to use for large items, it can help to read reviews on an online platform. These reviews will help you to gain an insight into the workings and professionalism of the company in question, from real-world customers who may have similar load requirements and experiences. For instance, any prospective client considering Speedy Freight can easily and immediately access a wealth of client reviews online to assure them that they are making the right choice. At Speedy Freight we regularly ask our clients for reviews in order to make sure the information always stay up-to-date.



Choose A Dedicated Courier Service

Sharing a courier service can be a potential hazard when transporting large items. Not only can your items come into contact with other clients’ belongings (an increased risk due to their size and potential to cause expensive or irreparable damage), your service may also be delayed thanks to other delivery or collection obligations held by the courier. 


It’s best to choose a dedicated courier service for your large items, which means that the courier service in question can best uphold its commitment to you with no compromise. Speedy Freight provides a dedicated courier service for every client, meaning that your load is transported as efficiently and safely as is possible. 


Choose A Courier With A Varied Fleet

What are the dimensions of your item? What is the nature of the item? Is it breakable or valuable? These are the key things to consider when you are selecting which courier to use for your large items. 


Speedy Freight has access to a fleet of dedicated courier vehicles, over 4,000 strong. We know that ‘large items’ doesn’t mean the same thing to everyone, so whatever size vehicle it is that you need, we’re here for you. Our smaller vans are perfectly suited to smaller goods, whilst our medium-sized options (like our Luton vans) can handle a little more thanks to their 2-metre width. If large items really does mean large, however, we’re still able to cater: our 12- and 18-Tonne trucks are ideal for those bulkier cargoes, whilst our Artic Trucks are up to any transport job.


Specialist Vehicles

Sometimes loads aren’t just large; they require specialist vehicles to transport them. This may be the case if you require the transportation of large items such as steel beams, or perhaps even the transportation of parts of bridges. In this case, Speedy Freight’s access to a fleet of over 4,000 vehicles means we can provide transport to suit any requirements you may have for the movement of your large items. 


For instance, in the case of oversized items, a hiab may be necessary: a form of loader crane, which is ideal for use in wet terrain, to be fully immersed in water, or rough ground. Where flexibility is required, as well as strength, a semi-low loader is required: a flexible model with adjustable wheels and lowerable legs to support its undercarriage if the tractor unit is removed. 


Larger Than Life: Abnormal Loads 

If these options aren’t quite large enough for what you need, Speedy Freight is a dedicated courier experienced in abnormal loads. Abnormal loads is the term for cargoes which fit a number of criteria, such as weighting over 44,000kg and with a width of over 2.9m. Speedy Freight work closely with local authorities, police forces and specialist services to ensure we are always within safety and legal protocols to transport such loads. If this is more to your requirements, we’re here to provide! 


Just get in touch with us, and a member of our experienced team will always be happy to talk through your requirements to ensure that we can find the best fit for your large items. 


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