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Which is the best courier for moving chilled goods?

Many industries around the world have to move chilled goods, and usually via logistics companies. This is most obvious when considering logistics for the hospitality and restaurant industries, where moving anything from raw ingredients to full meals to drinks is the norm. Successful haulage is imperative to the success of these industries, particularly in light of their ever-changing needs and often-unsociable hours! Retailers selling food also need chilled stock, so the efficient supply of chilled goods to retailers is key to their success.

However, there are other industries which wholly depend on a reliable courier experienced in the transportation of chilled goods in specialist vehicles. For instance, the medical industry is sustained by the movement of lifesaving equipment in chilled vehicles, whether that’s the moving of blood samples or supplies, the logistics of moving pharmaceutical drugs and so on. In addition, the scientific industry is propped up by the movement of scientific equipment and samples which must be kept at a certain temperature for accuracy, precision and testing, which requires specialist couriers. 

Local courier Speedy Freight is experienced in all aspects of providing  a refrigerated courier service to ensure reliable logistics of chilled goods for any industry, be it retailers, restaurants, or medical. 



Restaurants & Retailers

Speedy Freight has a wealth of experience in providing both restaurants and retailers with logistics for chilled or frozen goods. This is essential, in order to ensure that your ingredients or foodstuffs arrive in the condition that you sent them in, to avoid costly delays or worse. For many of our clients, transporting raw ingredients through Speedy Freight’s courier service becomes an important factor in their peace of mind. Our restaurant and retail clients know that our refrigerated vehicles are always temperature-regulated, checked and pass all necessary safety standards to ensure the very highest standards of quality checking. We would never take risks with the health of your staff or customers, so you can rest assured when you transport goods with us that we have taken all the precautions necessary.

In addition, time is a crucial factor when it comes to the moving of foodstuffs. We at Speedy Freight are a dedicated courier, which means we never co-load our vehicles. Your consignments are transported directly from your send-point to your receiving-point, with no stops along the way or delays from moving other clients’ goods. This is important for the rapid receiving of your items, in order to ensure a speedy replenishing of your supply chain. 



Medical & Pharmaceutical

Perhaps in no other industry is chilled goods logistics quite as vital as in the medical and pharmaceutical industries. The movement of biological samples and stuffs, like blood samples, supply and pharmaceutical drugs, is essential and must be temperature-controlled to avoid spoiling or damage to vital and lifesaving equipment. Indeed, couriering involving the disposal of clinical waste must be undertaken properly and without any hesitation. To be entrusted with the couriering of medical and pharmaceutical supplies is a badge of quality within the logistics industry, which Speedy Freight are proud to have earned, as a trusted courier of medical supplies. 

In addition, the time-scale of this kind of logistics is essential. It is imperative that things like blood donations and pharmaceutical goods get to their intended recipient on time with no delays, which could be costly in many senses. 



Scientific logistics have an overlap with medical and pharmaceutical supplies, in the sense that it is vital to keep them in a temperature-controlled environment and that the timing of their delivery is crucial. For much important research environments, it is key to make sure that courier services can both regulate the temperature of their goods and transport them with no delays safely to their intended recipients. Additionally, it is important in medical and scientific courier services that the expertise of the drivers is without question: often, such equipment can be delicate and/or fragile, requiring both efficient and safe driving but also drivers with local knowledge, who can pre-plan routes around the safety of the equipment. Speedy Freight has a wealth of experience in all aspects of scientific couriering, and our drivers hail from local areas around our network hubs, so can arrange the transportation and reception of your goods on time, with the minimal risk of damage. 


To speak to Speedy Freight and arrange your transportation of chilled goods today, simply get in touch with your local branch and a member of our friendly and expert team will be more than happy to help you.

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