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Which same day courier service can move high-value goods?

Often, couriers are asked the same questions regarding their capacity and ability to move high-value goods. Understandably, many clients are uncertain about transporting high-value goods via a courier service  – whether it’s a piece of valuable art, antique furniture or even the movement of important documents containing confidential information, high-value goods always require careful manoeuvring and planning.


Finding a same-day courier service which can move high-value goods is an even more complex task. Many same-day courier services do not have the resources or the capacity to move high-value goods with the care they require; whether they are lacking driver resources, adequate vehicles for appropriate transportation or simply the experience and know-how to transport such goods safely. 


Your High-Value Goods Courier: Speedy Freight


Speedy Freight is your local same-day and next-day courier service, with experience in transporting high-value goods over many years. Our drivers are experienced in the moving and transport of high-value items, which can range from priceless household furniture to highly technical and expensive scientific equipment. Let’s take a look at the classification of high-value items below: 

What’s Classified A High-Value Item? 


Interestingly, high-value items don’t always have to have a huge financial value! Though such items would fall under this classification, high-value additionally incorporates other and more surprising items. High-value, to a courier service, means either items or consignments which have a high monetary value or goods which are irreplaceable, and therefore have a high sentimental value. 


This means that ‘high-value’ could equally mean a priceless painting or an important document – making it extremely important for the courier service you choose to understand how to transport your specific item. 


For instance, moving a priceless painting requires an art courier with the ability to calibrate the vehicle’s temperature as well as the conditions of its movement (often, the client is responsible for packaging the item, but the driver must be able to take the necessary precautions when travelling).

Finding A Same-day Courier for High-Value Items 


Speedy Freight is your local same-day and next day courier service with experience in transporting high-value items, with a dedicated courier service committed to the safe and efficient movement of high-value items. Our courier service is dedicated, which means that we never co-load your goods with other peoples’ items. Your high-value items are transported efficiently and safely when you use our same day courier service for high-value goods, in the appropriate vehicle thanks to our  fleet of over 4,000 vehicles to choose from. Anything from small Luton Vans to Hi-Abs is available to move your items no matter how large or small (or even abnormally sized!) they may be. 


If you’re looking for your same day courier to move high-value goods, look no further than Seedy Freight. With over 60 branches, Speedy Freight is your local courier no matter where you’re based across the UK, and open 24/7, 365 – so that you can get hold of us whenever you need to. 


To make your high-value consignment booking with our courier service, simply get in touch with Speedy Freight today and one of our friendly team members will be only too happy to help you. 

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