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Which same day couriers can carry liquid?

The movement of liquids has often been a confusing issue to tackle in the courier world. Strange though it may sound, moving liquids safely, securely and without spilling a drop has long been something that couriers have struggled with. As a result, not many couriers have been able to provide the safe and efficient transportation of liquids, which can be a problem for many clients. Here at Speedy Freight, our drivers are carefully trained in the transportation of liquids of almost any volume or size. With the correct training and fleet, the management and logistics involving liquids can be undertaken easily to ensure the most efficient and safe movement of your consignment. Speedy Freight can therefore move all liquids, including hand sanitising gel on the same day you place your order (for shipping other Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) you can enquire here). 



Who would need to move liquids? 


Plenty of industries find themselves needing to move liquids, and often urgently. For instance, the medical sector often needs to move biohazardous liquids, including the urgent transportation of blood to be donated, as well as liquid medicines and treatments. 


In addition, Speedy Freight provides courier services for events management and construction, which often require the movement of liquids used commonly in construction and even interior decoration, such as paints, sprays, mists, aerosols and pastes. In our work moving consignments for the healthcare sector, we can move hand sanitiser, shampoos, conditioners, and lotions, creams and pastes for the hygiene and beauty industry. Speedy also provides courier services for hospitality, wherein the movement of beverages is common for restaurants and bars. Speedy Freight can move liquids for all these sectors, safely and securely and in an appropriate vehicle, with same day and next day delivery options available. 



How do Speedy Freight move liquids? 


At Speedy Freight, we take great care in the way that we transport liquid consignments. We receive liquid consignments from all across the UK, and can transport them nationally and even as far as Europe. Speedy Freight has been moving liquids for decades, and we tackle our challenges of moving liquids head-on, by ensuring all couriers are as experienced as possible in the movement of difficult materials. 


We always secure any liquid consignments to the highest degree of safety and security. Non-flammable liquids are safe to be sent by any of our vehicles on the road, whilst flammable liquids are to be transported in one of our specifically-designed fleet. Thanks to our access to a fleet of over 4,000 vehicles, Speedy Freight always has the most appropriate vehicle on hand to transport your liquids. 


How can I book a consignment with Speedy Freight? 


To book a liquid consignment through Speedy Freight, simply get in touch with us to enquire about how we can best provide you with our courier services for moving liquids. As a result of our flexible opening hours, we are able to provide courier services for moving liquids 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. Whatever you need, whenever you need it – Speedy Freight can move it.


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