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Which same day couriers can carry paint?

Moving liquids, as we’ve said before, can often be a bit of a headache for couriers. Though there are many sectors who require the movement and transportation of liquids as a result of their industry, to this day there are couriers who are unable to safely and securely transport liquid goods, like oil, building materials, or paint. One liquid which can cause great difficulty when it comes to logistics is paint – widely used in construction, events, interior decorators and many more industries. There are several reasons for this, such as a lack of expertise, a lack of suitable vehicles for transport or a lack of training – but whatever the reason, the fact that many couriers cannot carry paint can understandably cause consternation in many sectors around the UK.


Speedy Freight is a national same day courier trained in the movement of all liquid consignments, including paint. Despite the complexities involved in moving paint by a courier service, Speedy Freight is trained and experienced in moving paint between suppliers, stockists, building sites, manufacturers and wholesalers, as well as delivering directly to clients as and when required.


Why is moving paint difficult? 

Many commercial couriers reject paint as a suitable item appropriate for sending through courier, as a liquid (generally commercial couriers reject the movement of all liquids. If you’re interested in transporting other liquids by courier, please see this article). 


Many courier companies refuse to accept consignments of paint due to its potential damage to other items in the same courier vehicle or the vehicle itself, if damaged or broken. In addition, some types of paint have potentially dangerous effects if the container is perforated  – such as solvent paint fumes, which can cause health issues to a driver in a contained vehicle. 

The chief difficulty for most commercial courier companies when it comes to transporting paint is the fact that they co-load vehicles, meaning that one client’s goods and another client’s goods are transported simultaneously in the same vehicle. Whilst  undoubtedly cost-effective, co-loading means that your goods are both at risk from damage by being transported alongside another person’s goods, as well as at risk of delay from the alternative journeys. Where more than two people’s goods are transported together in the same vehicle, this risk is greatly increased – and if paint is part of the consignment, they might not reach the other end unscathed.


Which courier can carry paint? 

Speedy Freight is a dedicated courier service, which means we only ever transport one client’s goods per journey. This means no unnecessary stops and no risk to your items, which is vital for our clients’ peace of mind. 


In addition, this service means we can transport liquids, including paint, safely and securely by ensuring they have sufficient space and correct packaging to be transported. Speedy Freight is experienced in transporting paint safely by courier service, and each of our drivers is aware of the necessary precautions to take to ensure the safe transportation and receipt of the paint at the other end. 


If you need to transport paint by courier, look no further than Speedy Freight – your local and national same day courier service. To get in touch with us, simply find your local branch here and a member of our friendly team will be only too happy to help. 

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