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Why Can It Be Cheaper To Use Speedy Freight During Busy Periods?

It’s a well-known fact that couriers like Speedy Freight can support clients of any size with their consignment challenges. From large multinational corporations to smaller independent companies, Speedy Freight can support a huge range of clients with their courier needs. Something that many of our clients are unaware of before working with our courier service, however, is the fact that it can be cheaper to use Speedy Freight rather than your own fleet, especially in busy periods or long-distance journey’s.

So, how does this work? There are a number of factors including driver cost, vehicle cost and insurance which can all add together to make it a far more cost-effective solution to hire a courier service instead of putting together your own fleet. This is especially true when it comes to specialised vehicles – something many companies simply do not have the budget to allow for, if their need is not regular. Let’s get stuck into the facts and find out what the cost of a courier in the UK can be – versus the cost of running your own fleet.

Driver costs: Courier Vs. Your Own Fleet

Firstly, let’s consider driver costs of your own fleet against hiring a UK courier. Here in the UK, couriers typically have a set all inclusive fee, in which costs are covered and incorporated as part of the client’s overall fee. Expanding your own fleet during busy periods essentially means facing unavoidable costs, the expected vehicle lease fees, petrol and insurance, as well as additional costs associated with company employees. National Insurance, pension, absence, sickness and holiday pay are all legal requirements for employees in the UK – and as we’ve said, that goes without factoring in additional costs.


When you book with Speedy Freight, you can rest assured that all of these factors are incorporated into your price – ideal for smaller companies and during busy periods, when you need a tight grip on the numbers! The beauty of using Speedy Freight is you can turn to us as your demand increases, and then return to your core fleet off peak. Speedy Freight are able to flex up and down, on demand, with no upfront costs, commitment to volume or contracts.


In addition, Speedy Freight can get to your job as soon as you complete the booking. Our drivers are ready and waiting 24/7, 365, and able to pick up and deliver your consignment the moment you need it. When you hire your own drivers, they are your employees – meaning they have the right to holidays and annual leave!  Running the risk that your drivers will book clashing holidays could mean you end up with no courier when you really need one.

Vehicle Costs: Courier Vs. Your Own Fleet

Vehicle costs can additionally mount up for companies operating their own courier service. With vehicles under heavy use, it’s important to factor in the unfortunate reality that vehicle maintenance and servicing costs are frequent and routine – especially if you have a high level of demand for delivery services! When you choose a dedicated courier like Speedy Freight, we simply take care of all of the above costs and factor it into your price – which will be substantially lower than those of hiring and paying for your own fleet.

There are other, more hidden costs of creating your own fleet instead of hiring a courier. For instance, think of the journey costs that you don’t see!

If the vehicle is standing or off the road, for example, you will need to pay.  If your journey requires an overnight stay, your company will need to bear the brunt of the expenses – which could include vehicle parking, hotel stays, sustenance and any other costs.

At Speedy Freight, all of these elements are taken care of. We cover all our drivers’ costs for you – making our prices substantially lower than those of in-house fleets. You’ll also only be paying for one way – your item’s journey to its final destination – rather than for multiple stops along the way or the return, potentially empty leg! During your company’s busy periods, a shorter collection-to-delivery is always a bonus – rather than losing valuable members of staff for days at a time to deliveries, simply entrust them to Speedy – and know they’ll arrive on time.


Can a courier be cheaper than your own fleet?

The short answer is – yes! With all these extra hidden costs, companies may face a much larger bill than they initially anticipated – leaving engaging a courier a far cheaper prospect than hiring your own fleet.

We hope you’ve found this guide to the cost of a UK courier a helpful resource – especially if you’re considering establishing your own fleet!  Your same day and next day courier, Speedy Freight can ensure that your items are in good hands – and get where they need to go, when they need to be there.

To speak to Speedy Freight about arranging your courier service, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us and one of our team will be happy to assist you.


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