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Why Use Speedy Freight In An Emergency?

Speedy Freight, the nation’s favourite same-day and next-day courier service, has had decades of experience in covering all angles of logistics support. Our logistics support spans a huge range of industries, from construction to events, and manufacturing to print & marketing. Unfortunately, no matter your industry, it’s true that emergencies can- and do- arise! Whether you’ve been let down by your existing courier service, or a malfunctioning piece of equipment in a manufacturing setting is causing a stopped supply chain, Speedy Freight will be on-hand to fix any emergency. 


Because emergencies can arise at any time, you can call us at any time. Speedy Freight’s dedicated 24/7 service means that our services are on-hand to tackle anything so that you don’t have to. Whether you need our expert drivers to urgently ship part of a bridge for the construction industry, or you need us to dispatch a specialised refrigerated vehicle to move medicines for the healthcare industry or goods for the hospitality industry, we’re there. When you think courier – think Speedy Freight. 


What is an emergency courier? 

Your emergency courier can provide you with logistics support for your industry, specialised vehicles and pre-arranged pickup and delivery slots. An emergency courier can do these things with the addition of emergency provision and support for any last-minute stopped supply chains – which means they need to have sufficient and responsive customer service. 


An emergency courier also needs to be able to supply a huge range of vehicles. From construction to manufacturing, your needs may mean that only a specialised vehicle will do – so you need to be sure that your chosen emergency courier service can supply the perfect transportation for your needs. 



Why use Speedy Freight as your emergency courier? 

Speedy Freight is the nation’s favourite same day and next day courier service. No matter your industry, Speedy Freight offers all our clients access to a reliable emergency courier service any hour of the day or night. We know that our clients’ industries do not operate simply 9-5, Monday to Friday – which is why we don’t either. Speedy Freight, as your emergency courier, operates 24/7, 365, including public and bank holidays  – to provide you with emergency logistics whenever your need might arise. 

Speedy Freight has access to a fleet of over 4,000 vehicles including hi-abs, flatbed trucks, 45ft Arctic trucks and small vans, to make sure we can cater to every need. Our range of specialised vehicles additionally includes refrigerated vehicles to transport temperature-sensitive goods, such as medicines, food and beverages for hospitality – so we’re perfectly placed to get you the right vehicle for your needs.

Speedy Freight’s customer service is second-to-none. Our dedicated agents will remain on-hand to provide impeccable customer service, no matter what time of day it is! Once you’ve received your quote, your project manager will stay on task to ensure that your consignment is delivered on time. 

Our emergency courier services even cover international freight. We can ship your items across the UK and Europe, meaning that you can continue to transport your goods internationally without a hitch. We’re well-versed in Brexit paperwork and documentation, so that you can ask our experts for consultation for any aspect of your international freight needs and someone will be able to assist you. 


Book your emergency courier services now, from the nation’s favourite courier – Speedy Freight.

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