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Rapid, Responsive Retail Courier: A Speedy Freight Case Study

21st July 2020 | by Aimee Spilsbury

In recent years, the nature of the retail sector has become increasingly supply-and-demand, as customer expectations have exponentially increased . This change in the market has meant that customers’ expectations have changed, too: customers want their items as soon as possible no longer expect to wait if items aren’t in stock or cannot be delivered quickly. This rapid commercial system has seen a major retailer make significant changes to their fulfilment plan. A number of Regional Fulfilment Centres have been installed to provide a dynamic, local and reliable transportation of goods to store, ready for customers on the same day. That’s where Speedy Freight comes in.


The Client


This retailer requires up to 12 runs every day, 7 days a week (each ‘run’ being a journey delivering goods). These journeys are from the Regional Fulfilment Centres to the store. Customers have the option to order before noon to ensure that their items are ready to collect from 4pm onwards the very same day, in-store. Our drivers make this possible with our same day delivery service.


The Challenges


Of course, consignments like this have challenges. Ensuring rapid delivery of goods, with no delays, is vital to secure client relationships and provide unwavering support wherever it is needed. The frequency of the trips means that adequate driver cover and fleet must be assigned for this client, in addition to making sure that lead drivers are available to manage the project.


The Consignment


Currently, Speedy Freight provides 26 drivers each day to the retailer, stationed at 3 different sites around the UK. We provide a regular driver for each run, with a lead driver at each location. This gives the customer the security of having a reliable, knowledgeable workforce who know the work inside out (resulting in over 99% DOT to date).

Our detailed KPI and guaranteed constant tracking of drivers means that we monitor the operation closely, and ensure that the client's deadlines are met. Our guarantee is that the client’s customers will receive their items on time, as promised.


The Conclusion


Indicated by their name, these ad-hoc runs can be any time of day and from any location in the UK, meaning Speedy Freight needs to be ready and prepared for anything. At Speedy Freight, we have a strong driver network throughout the UK, leaving us perfectly prepared for these requests and making sure our client’s promise to their customers is left unscathed.


Regular audits and meetings between Speedy Freight and our client provide platforms for constant improvement, analysis and reflection. A great working relationship has been key to the success of this contract, with both parties using their expertise to ensure no stone is left unturned in the quest to provide the best possible service for the customer.


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