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Your Free Consultation Service From Speedy Freight

Here at Speedy Freight, we know that changing your service provider can be difficult. Maybe you’ve got a one-off need, and need an immediate or urgent consignment, or maybe you’re thinking of partnering with a new provider on a long-term basis!  Whatever your needs, it can be difficult to work out the logistics (no pun intended) of a new contract. In an ever-changing business climate, it’s important to know that you have your supply chain covered and that your deliveries can take place exactly when and where you need them to. Look no further than Speedy Freight – we’re here for you!


That’s why Speedy Freight offers a free consultation service. We know that for some clients changing courier is a big step. Maybe you’re wondering about the practicalities of using our courier service – whatever you’re feeling, we’ll always start a conversation with prospective clients about the work that we can do for them. 



How does our free consultation service work? 


  • 1. Conversation

The key to any productive meeting! Firstly, we’ll have a conversation with you – explaining a little more about who we are at Speedy Freight, who some of our customers are, and how we work closely together with them. You’ll get a good insight into how we run and how we can best help you. 



  • 2. Practicalities 

This usually takes the form of an NDA (Non-Disclosure Agreement) which is signed between Speedy Freight and your company to give you complete confidence that your sensitive information is safe with us. That means we’re able to begin working with you on a strategy that is most appropriate for your needs.



  • Fact Find to understand your requirements and ethos 

Next, we’ll work through your current operation in order to understand your challenges and promises allowing us to build up a strategy and proposal which reflects your needs and our solutions – bespoke, tailored and customisable. 



  • Review

We’ll arrange a mutually convenient time where we can talk through our proposal and follow this up with a detailed spec. This is your opportunity to consider alternative aspects, additional solutions, a regular relationship and so on before we solidify any details of the arrangement. 



  • Start building our relationship!


Once you’re happy with our solution, we’ll get to work! Together with you, we’ll make sure that your needs are being met as efficiently and reliably as possible. Here at Speedy Freight, we pride ourselves in giving you those industry-leading levels of service, robust KPI suites and experienced customer relation managers.   

To arrange your free consultation today, please feel free to get in touch with us here at Speedy Freight, where your local branch will be able to support your courier needs. We’re there – whenever you need us. 

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