specialist services

At Speedy Freight, we deliver your way.
That means going above and beyond your typical parcels and pallets.
We’re capable of delivering so much more, including abnormal loads and other specialist services.

Using Speedy Freight’s specialist services


With access to a wide array of specialist vehicles, from Hiabs to car transporters, we have the equipment to handle anything. Whether that’s transporting heavy plant machinery, aircraft parts or any other goods that have unique requirements. It doesn’t matter what shape or size the load is, Speedy Freight are ready.

Abnormal loads don’t have to result in a drawn out and complicated setup and delivery process. You certainly don’t need to be ringing around trying to find the right vehicle for your unique needs. At Speedy Freight, we have access to over 4,000 vehicles so can get you sorted in no time. In fact, we aim to provide a vehicle to collect within 1 hour anywhere in the UK or at a time that suits you. 

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We will drive through the night to ensure your goods get where they need to be. If it’s 3pm and your loads needs to be with a customer first thing tomorrow morning, we’ll sort it. Timed collections and deliveries are our speciality. 

Worried about loading or unloading? We can provide vehicles with tail lifts, pump/applet trucks and some even come with truck-mounted forklifts.

Wherever your collection of delivery is, your local Speedy Freight branch can arrange it for you. This is also means you benefit from the specialist services of a dedicated traffic manager who will get to know you, your goods and your systems inside and out.

What is an abnormal load?


In the view of the UK government, an ‘abnormal load’ is a vehicle that meets one of the following criteria:

  • Weighs more than 44,000kg
  • Axle load is more than 10,000kg for a single non-driving axle and 11,500kg for a single driving axle
  • Width of more than 2.9m
  • Rigid length of more than 18.65m

Whenever Speedy Freight agree to deliver an abnormal load within the UK, we are legally required to follow the government’s tight regulations. Over the years we have built up excellent relationships with specialist partners, local authorities and police forces, who all work with us to minimise the impact of an abnormal load on other road users. All route and document preparation is meticulous and key decisions are made on the basis of years of experience and excellent knowledge of regional transport networks.

Speedy Freight provide bespoke quotes for every enquiry in order to provide a service that is individually tailored to each unique load. We will advise you on whether you do require an abnormal load vehicle or whether one of our standard fleet shall suffice. 

Abnormal load specialist service convey with escort vehicle

What are escort vehicles? 


Are you looking for a specialist courier service which offers high levels of safety and security? Then you’ll be glad to know that Speedy Freight make regular use of escort vehicles when dealing with abnormal loads. Their purpose is twofold; providing support to the main vehicle driver and alerting other road users to take extra care. Each task helps to keep your goods that little bit safer.

Sometimes it is not immediately obvious that a vehicle is carrying an abnormal load, for example, it might only just overhang onto a second lane. Without escort vehicles, a passing motorist can easily misjudge the space available and cause a collision. 

Even when the load isn’t on the road, escort vehicles have a crucial role to play. It’s always helpful to have an extra pair of trained and experienced hands to assist with loading and unloading goods, particularly if they’re fragile, heavy or otherwise difficult to handle. 

All our escort vehicles carry the appropriate equipment to do their job, and each driver has met Speedy Freight’s high standards of training. That includes having an excellent awareness of the Highway Agency’s Code of Practice for escorting abnormal loads. 

Types of specialist vehicle


Crane Hire- For situations which require extensive lifting capacity as part of the delivery service, a crane may be needed. Depending on the weight of your goods or their location, we will advise you as to whether a front or rear-mounted rigid crane is more suitable. 

Hiab- When loading and unloading is likely to pose a challenge, a Hiab can be used. A type of loader crane, they can be hired in a range of different sizes to accommodate the unusual nature of your goods or location. For example, some Hiab models have been designed specifically with rough terrain or water immersion in mind. Whilst powered by a single engine, they are capable of lifting impressive weights whilst offering you a great deal of flexibility. 

Moffet- Easily recognisable, the Moffet truck mounted forklift is a highly convenient and versatile option. It allows a Speedy Freight driver to load and unload a truck with minimal to no assistance. Designed to fit externally on the rear of a truck, there’s no time wasted waiting around at the delivery site for help. Everything our driver needs is already.

Low Loaders- When it comes to transporting something as heavy as industrial equipment or a construction vehicle, it helps to have a trailer deck that sits closer to the ground and is capable of supporting greater weights. Ramps built into the structure of the deck improve the ease of loading and unloading, allowing you to simply drive heavy vehicles onboard. 

ATTACHMENT DETAILS Digger-mounts-specialist-service-low-loader

Semi-Low Loaders- The design of a semi-low loader gives it great flexibility to accommodate your abnormal load. For example, most models have demountable wheels that can be relocated to better distribute weight along the length of the trailer. Completely disconnecting the trailer is a relatively quick process and lowerable legs help support the undercarriage once the tractor unit is removed. Semi-low loaders are relatively easy to reverse. 

Beavertails- If exposure to the elements isn’t a concern and you’re looking for flexibility and ease of use, Beavertails are an excellent choice. Named for their wide and flat rear ramp, a Beavertail is particularly well suited to transporting wheeled equipment or vehicles. 

Flat Bed- For loads that are too large for a close-sided trailer, such as those that will overhang the trailer, an articulated flat bed is an excellent option.  The lack of sides allows for quick and simple loading and unloading from multiple angles. We have access to 3.5 T to Artic flatbeds, along with specialist flat beds that can carry up to 47m and excessive weight. We can also offer escort vehicles and lifting plans. 

Urban Trailers and Power Steer Trailers – Also something that we can offer and can be very useful as they can be steered from the rear and also can be remote controlled so they will fit where other large vehicles cannot.

Tractor Units- Whichever trailer you choose, it will likely be towed by a tractor unit. These incredibly powerful engines can be attached to a number of different trailers and come in both commercial and heavy-duty varieties. The latter option is most suitable for very heavy loads or off-road locations.

Curtain Sided Transportation- Some loads simply have to be protected from the elements during transportation, making a curtain sided truck a practical necessity. You might not know that it’s not just the trailer sides that can retract, but the roof as well. This flexibility allows for overhead loading via a crane. The curtains themselves are robust, ensuring the security of your load during transit. 

Car Transporters- When choosing your transporter for a car delivery, your decision will come down to the number of vehicles which need moving. Speedy Freight have access to transporters capable of carrying a single car or multiple cars. You also have the choice of whether to go for an open or close sided trailer. 

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