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Does Your Supply Chain Need a Christmas Delivery Miracle?

29th November 2023 | by Aimee Spilsbury

Does Your Supply Chain Need a Christmas Delivery Miracle?
Ah, Christmas. The season of magic and miracles and boy, your business supply chain could probably do with a Christmas miracle, right? Amid logistics industry strikes and industrial action at several major UK shipping ports, you must be wondering ‘who can come to my supply chain’s rescue?’ Trust Speedy to pull a van (or a truck) out of Santa’s sack this Christmas.


Don’t Let Your Business Supply Chain Suffer This Christmas 


While the news headlines are always filled with doom and gloom for the logistics industry every Christmas, in the spirit of the season Speedy Freight brings you good cheer this year. Your supply chain doesn’t have to suffer due to heightened demand and inclement weather, we’re in the business of delivering Christmas miracles.


Every year it seems that businesses are given the impression that courier services are collapsing under the weight of increased demand, driver shortages and poor customer service. This negative vibe causes unnecessary panic across business supply chains and we want to put a stop to it.


The truth is, only a very small proportion of logistics companies collapse under the weight of peak season demand. For the rest of us, this is what we exist for, to deliver Christmas miracles for your business, delivering consignments whatever comes our way. Do we feel the pressure? Of course, but it’s all about perspective.


We Put The ‘Sure’ In Pressure


When your supply chain is under the cosh this Christmas, we put the ‘sure’ in pressure - meaning “sure, we’ll collect and deliver that no problem, we’ll press on and get the job done.” We’ve been around since 2006, so we’ve seen our fair share of Christmases. We know what it takes to deliver a Christmas miracle for your business, whatever industry sector you’re in.


All it takes is a strategic approach to your Christmas delivery schedule to ensure that your supply chain runs smoothly. Metaphorically speaking, we’re your ‘Rudolph with our headlights burning bright guiding your supply chain tonight’.


What You Need For a Business Supply Chain Christmas Miracle


#1 - Courier Collection and Delivery


Like other businesses rely on you to sustain their supply chain, no doubt you rely on other companies to keep yours moving. The problem is, in the run up to Christmas, a lot of couriers only offer business delivery and not collection. Don’t get caught out.


To make your supply chain as efficient as possible, and to reduce delays, you want a courier service that does both… collection and delivery.


With Speedy Freight, that’s exactly what you get. We’ll fetch stuff from your suppliers and deliver to your door or warehouse. We can even do this on the same day in most cases. Equally, we’ll collect from you and drop off consignments to recipients. We can do either of these all day, all week and beyond if you need us to.


Partnering with a courier that collects and delivers will minimise delays, keep your delivery costs down and make your Christmas business logistics more manageable.


#2 - Totally Dedicated Business Delivery 


When time is of the essence, you don’t want any of this shared courier nonsense. The danger of having your consignments loaded in with those of other businesses is that the risk of loss, mis-delivery or delay greatly increases. 


The chances of your consignments ending up in Newcastle, when they should be in London, are a real possibility, especially at Christmas when shared courier services are dealing with more consignments than usual.


Speedy Freight picks up and drops off only your consignments. You will find no other loads on our vehicles, just a van or lorry and driver taking care of your Christmas business deliveries, fast. This is invaluable to your supply chain because it eliminates the risk of loss, mix-ups and delays.


#3 - Flexible Business Delivery Provider


An inflexible, one-dimensional business delivery provider is no good to you, especially with the pressure that your supply chain comes under at Christmas. You need a courier service that’s totally agile and flexible, giving you the ability to scale-up, or scale-down, as your supply chain demands.


Managing your supply chain throughout the Christmas season requires a high level of agility from your courier service. You need a logistics partner that can cover all the bases, whether it’s local, national or international delivery, warehousing, freight forwarding or specialist services.


A courier service that can add value at every touchpoint across your supply chain makes your life easier.


Speedy Freight gives your business rapid delivery options, warehousing capacity, import and export management, specialist services and vehicles, plus much more. Whatever, whenever, wherever, there’s no shortage of options for your supply chain.


#4 - Experience With Your Industry


Every supply chain is different, and the demands of Christmas often highlight those differences. There’s no ‘one size fits all’ collection and delivery solution. What works for one industry sector doesn’t always work for another. That’s why you need a courier service that understands, not only the logistical needs of your business, but the industry sector in which you operate.


Throw Christmas into the mix and industry experience becomes even more crucial. It is the difference between a well-maintained supply chain and one that suffers a meltdown when the pressure’s on.


Speedy Freight serves a multitude of industry sectors. Most of our professional courier network has a skill set specific to different industries, which is highly beneficial to your supply chain. Their understanding of your industry comes in useful for managing the logistical challenges associated with Christmas.


#5 - Local, National and International Coverage


It’s rare to find a supply chain that is fully localised in today’s global economy, and this is probably true for your business. The touchpoints of your supply chain likely span local, national or even international locations. With this in mind, you need a courier service that can connect all the moving parts of your expansive supply chain - especially at Christmas.


You can’t afford to have any collection or delivery gaps, which is why it’s important for your business to partner with a courier service that can give you complete coverage on all levels.


Speedy Freight has more than 60 strategically placed delivery hubs across the UK to support local and national businesses with domestic and international logistics. Plus, we have several courier depots located overseas to support logistics requirements abroad.


Delivering a Supply Chain Miracle For Your Business This Christmas


We are in the business of delivering Christmas miracles. We’re setup to support supply chains at every level, adding value where it’s needed, and giving you peace of mind that your peak season logistics are in safe hands.


The added value comes with the level of service we provide. We don’t just talk about going the extra mile, we do it. Not only do we serve on the frontline to deliver supply chain Christmas miracles, we’re there to help you plan delivery routes, find the right transport and make sure you have the courier service best suited to your business.


Ready to experience a supply chain Christmas miracle?


All that’s left for you to do is contact your local Speedy branch.

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