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Emergency International Document Delivery: A Case Study 

18th July 2023 | by Sam Nardi

Emergency International Document Delivery: A Case Study 
Ever found yourself in need of getting a highly important document to another continent in just a matter of days? This is just one of the types of delivery challenges our teams across the Speedy Freight network encounter every day. In this case study, we look at the challenges our Brighton branch faced with emergency international document delivery, and how they succeeded in making the seemingly impossible a reality for our client. 


The Client 

Our client operating in the professional services sector found Speedy Freight through a Google search when faced with an emergency to get a document delivered to India as soon as possible.

Based in Brighton, our client found our Brighton same day delivery service, and quickly filled out our simple consultation form with a request for a highly time-sensitive delivery of a sensitive document. 

Our Brighton branch followed up immediately with a phone call to get their emergency document courier needs sorted. 

The Consignment 

Our client required the delivery of a document from Brighton to a remote area of India. The document was a highly important nature, as it was a required document to aid the visa process for our client’s colleague living abroad in India. 

Our client needed to get the letter to their colleague in India within 5 days as to not delay the visa application process, which is already a time-consuming and often challenging process.  

This proved to be a unique challenge for our Brighton branch, but one they took on with gusto! 

The Challenges 

We faced several challenges in meeting our client's requirements.

Firstly, our client contacted us during the weekend, a time when many courier services do not operate. Thankfully Speedy Freight operate 24/7 and we received their request immediately. Our Brighton General Manager was on-call on at a weekend music concert when he received the request and was quick to get it sorted.  

This type of delivery was also a first for our new Brighton branch—but as is the case with our nationwide network, they never shy away from a challenge! 

Secondly, the destination in India was a remote area, making it logistically challenging to ensure timely delivery. Finally, the time constraint of 5 days posed a significant hurdle as it required swift and efficient coordination throughout the delivery process.  

To address these challenges, we offered full transparency by acknowledging the difficulties we might encounter while trying to meet the strict deadline. 

The Conclusion 

International document delivery can be challenging, as delays can often be outside of our control. Noel, our Speedy Freight Brighton General Manager, had previously lived in India knew that things don’t always move as fast as hoped for. He was clear and transparent in his communication with the client and was careful not to over-promise, which instilled trust in our client.

To speed up the process and ensure the document arrived as soon as possible, our Brighton branch arranged pickup directly from the car park of the solicitor’s office, where the document had just been notarised and sealed for delivery. This approach saved valuable time and ensured that the letter was collected as soon as it was ready to be sent, instead of adding another stop to our client’s office, therefore speeding up the delivery process. 

Using our trusted international courier network, we were able to meet our client’s demands and deliver the document within the tight 5-day delivery window! 

We received an immediate five-star review on Trustpilot from our client, who said the following about our services: 

“They certainly live up to their name! Incredibly speedy and extremely helpful. I wanted a letter got to the middle of nowhere in India by the end of the week (within 5 days). They could not have done more to hit that target, whilst being very honest that, though they would do their best, they would struggle. I really like an honest courier who does not overpromise.  

Noel, from the Brighton branch, who dealt with me, was incredibly quick to respond, even at the weekend and when at a pop concert! They bent over backwards to hit the target, even having a courier meet me in a car park on Monday evening to save time as I was away from home rather than coming to my house the next day to collect my letter. Cannot recommend them enough. And they got my letter to its destination within the 5 days!” 

Book a Document Delivery with Speedy Freight 

When it comes to document delivery, such as documents for visa applications, time, security and safety are of the essence. 

Our dedicated document delivery courier service is always ready to go when you are, whether you need to send notarised documents for a visa application, through to medical records, or any other important paperwork that requires secure and efficient transportation.  

We understand the criticality of these documents and the impact they can have on various aspects of your life, such as legal matters, personal health, or professional opportunities. 

With our reliable courier service, you can have peace of mind knowing that your sensitive documents will be handled with the utmost care and delivered in a timely manner.  

We have a strong network of international courier partners, enabling us to facilitate the smooth delivery of your documents across borders. Whether you need to send important papers to another city or to a different country altogether, we have the expertise and resources to make it happen. 

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