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Haulage Driver Cover: Everything You Need to Know

1st August 2023 | by Sam Nardi

Haulage Driver Cover: Everything You Need to Know
Businesses across the world require courier support from time to time. It’s important to ensure that you have strong partnerships with a network of reliable and efficient drivers, who can support your business as you seek to deliver five-star service to your clients. No matter if it’s a driver holiday, an unexpected absence or your own fleet is at capacity, couriers like Speedy Freight can help. At Speedy Freight, we can provide you with drivers and vehicles in advance or at a moment's notice. We have access to over 4,000 vehicles of all shapes, sizes and capacities to assist you. Our drivers provide expert support to our partners in haulage, offering haulage driver cover for drivers both in-house and as a replacement for a partner courier service.  Learn more about driver cover services and how they can benefit your business. 


What is Haulage Driver Cover?  

At Speedy Freight, we offer
driver cover services to cover the absence of regular drivers during their planned or unplanned time off. It is a crucial aspect of managing a fleet of vehicles and ensuring uninterrupted delivery operations. 

Driver cover can be needed for various reasons, including: 


When regular drivers take their scheduled annual leave or time off, their absence creates a temporary gap in the delivery workforce. Driver cover ensures that the deliveries can still be carried out efficiently during this period.

Sick Leave 

If a driver falls ill or faces a medical emergency, they might need to take sick leave, leaving the company in need of a temporary replacement to continue handling their deliveries.

Unforeseen Circumstances

Unexpected events, such as accidents or personal matters can also result in the need for immediate driver cover. 

Having reliable driver cover is essential for maintaining efficient delivery services, meeting customer expectations, and avoiding disruptions in the supply chain. It enables businesses to manage the inevitable absences of their regular drivers while still providing consistent and timely deliveries to their clients. 

How Can Speedy Freight Provide Haulage Driver Cover?  

Speedy Freight’s courier services are often used to support other freight providers and in-house fleets, which means we are perfectly placed to be either your sole courier service or to support your existing drivers. In the event of a planned or unplanned absence or shortfall of your own fleet, Speedy Freight is the ideal UK same day courier service to use as a support or complementary addition to a fleet in crisis or at capacity.

Qualified Drivers 

Speedy Freight’s national courier network of experienced drivers are ready to step in and provide cover when needed. Our drivers are well-trained in handling different types of goods on a range of vehicles, ensuring that they can efficiently manage the specific haulage requirements of each client.

Quick Response Time 

When you require haulage driver cover, we can respond rapidly to the request. Our ability to scale up in a matter of hours allows us to fill in the gaps created by regular drivers' time off, minimising disruptions to delivery schedules.

Scalability and Flexibility 

Whether a company needs cover for a few days, a week, or an extended period, we can easily adapt to the client's requirements, ensuring smooth operations during the absence of regular drivers.

Specialist Vehicles 

Depending on the nature of the haulage requirements, Speedy Freight can provide access to a diverse range of specialist vehicles suitable for different types of cargo. This ensures that the cover drivers can handle various loads safely and effectively.

Seamless Scaling 

When regular drivers return from their holidays, Speedy Freight ensures a smooth transition back to the company's regular delivery operations. We’re always on hand to scale up or down within hours, in accordance with your planned and last-minute delivery needs 24/7, 365 days a year.

Book Speedy Freight’s Haulage Driver Cover Services 

Thanks to our experience, our vast range of vehicles and our reliability, Speedy Freight is the number one choice for many of our haulage partners or clients to act as an adjunct to their services.

Speedy Freight’s experience working in a supportive capacity has only grown in recent years: during the COVID-19 pandemic, many UK workplaces and haulage companies were forced to furlough their drivers. This meant that Speedy Freight was required to fill in the gaps for organisations across all industries, providing driver cover to fill gaps in the supply chain.  

Speedy Freight can provide a standard haulage courier cover service or a completely bespoke cover for larger or more complex haulage requirements. 

In need of driver cover services to support your haulage company? We’re there. 

Give your local Speedy Freight branch a call—we’re available 24/7. 

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