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How Much is Same Day Delivery?

23rd December 2022 | by Sam Nardi

How Much Is Same Day Delivery?
With same day delivery options becoming increasingly popular on the web and becoming the go-to for businesses and consumers alike, you may be wondering how much it costs. If you’re familiar with what same day delivery is, but you’re not sure how much it will cost for your business, we have the answers for you.


Whatever industry you're in, same day delivery is crucial to the flow of your supply chain. If you're a hospital needing to replenish blood stocks or a hospitality venue in need of the temperature-controlled collection and delivery of food items, then same day delivery is a game changer.  


How Much Does Same Day Delivery Cost? 


The cost of a same day delivery courier service can vary greatly. Generally, the cost will depend on certain factors, such as the amount of goods to be delivered at once, the type of vehicle required for the job, and the distance from pickup to drop off, or drop-offs if you opt for multi-drop delivery. 


When it comes to same day delivery, whether it’s an urgent last-minute delivery need or a pre-booked same day pickup and drop-off, each delivery’s requirements are unique. At Speedy Freight, we quote each job according to the specifications and requirements of our client.  


To give you the best value for your money, we get to know your exact delivery needs, so we can give you the best price in accordance with your specifications. You won’t find any rates on our website, as we offer exclusive pricing that is tailored to you. 


Offering Same Day Delivery at an Affordable Cost 


If the potential cost of same day delivery has been putting you off the idea of using it, then rest assured that same day delivery can be a cost-efficient option that can benefit your company in more ways than one. Same day delivery is increasingly becoming an integral part of business logistics. According to a recent Bringg study, an estimated 99% of retailers will offer same day delivery by 2025. 


Outsourcing your same day delivery services can save you a considerable amount of in-house costs, such as the cost associated with operating your own fleet, and warehousing. 


If you partner with a logistics company that offers a same day courier service, such as Speedy Freight, then you’ll be able to outsource all your logistics and delivery needs with an experienced and efficient company that can handle all your deliveries, no matter the size, shape, or volume.  


Speedy Freight’s custom pricing will ensure you’re getting a quote that is specific to your needs, rather than a pre-determined price that does not take you or your business’s needs into account.  


Things To Consider When Selecting Same Day Delivery Courier 


A Proven Delivery Track Record 


When selecting a same day courier service, you want to ensure that you’re selecting a company that has experience transporting your type of goods. Whether you need a same day delivery as a last-minute SOS, or you deal with goods that require same day pick up and drop off, such as medical or temperature-controlled goods, you want to select a courier service that has great reviews and is equipped to deliver your goods quickly and efficiently. 


Are Flexible Delivery Options More Expensive? 


Much like the unforeseen circumstances that can lead you to need a last-minute same day delivery, as time goes on and your company grows, your delivery needs may suddenly and unexpectedly change. You want to know that your courier service can grow with you and offer a range of solutions to fit your ever-growing business needs.  

Speedy Freight offers a range of courier, freight, and specialist services that can scale with you. We have a wealth of experience delivering the needs of companies from a range of industries, from furniture to horticulture. With access to over 4,000 vehicles and over 60 locations across the UK and Europe, we can get to you quickly and efficiently, and are prepared for every delivery you send our way. 


Is Dedicated Service More Expensive than Co-Loading? 


Co-loading deliveries means that your shipments will be loaded onto the delivery vehicle with an unknown amount of deliveries from other companies. This can subject your same day delivery to delays from having more than one stop, to potential damages caused by improper storage amongst goods of differing sizes.  


To avoid this and to ensure you’re getting the quickest possible delivery, opt for a dedicated service, such as Speedy Freight’s. A dedicated service means that your goods to be delivered are the only ones on our delivery vehicle. That means the only stop on our journey will be the final destination for your goods, as they’ll be the only ones on our delivery vehicle. 


Does a 24-hour Courier Service Cost More? 


When it comes to same day delivery, you want to know that your courier service acts and responds quickly. Ensure that your courier service operates on a 24 hour basis, so that they’re equipped to meet your same day delivery needs at any time—essential when you have a last-minute need. Don’t let a courier’s operating hours dictate yours. Speedy Freight operates on a 24/7 basis, 365 days a year. We’re always ready to meet your every delivery need. 


Is Same Day Delivery More Expensive than Next Day Delivery? 


The cost of delivery services, such as same day delivery, next day delivery, and overnight delivery will depend on journey length, the goods delivered, and what type of vehicle is needed. While next day and overnight delivery are well suited options for deliveries that don’t necessarily require same day pick up and drop off, don’t be put off by same day delivery because you think it may be the most expensive option.  


Same day delivery will benefit your business by giving you a fast, cost-effective solution that transforms your supply chain.  


With Speedy Freight’s exclusive pricing, we offer tailored quotes for every job, so you’ll get the best value, regardless of what service you need. 


Speedy Freight Same Day Delivery Cost 


Need a quote for a same day delivery with Speedy Freight? Use our branch locator to find your nearest branch and get started. A member of our team will discuss your needs and requirements and offer a custom quote that is perfectly tailored to your needs. 


Find your nearest Speedy Freight branch for a same day delivery quote. 

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