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Speedy Freight Manchester provides logistics service for all sectors, operating both throughout the city and in suburbs and outlying regions of Manchester

Speedy Freight: Logistics Manchester


Speedy Freight Manchester provides efficient, trustworthy and reliable logistics service across a huge variety of sectors. Speedy Freight has decades of experience in offering courier services both across Manchester and throughout the wider UK. With over 60 branches, Speedy Freight is your local logistics provider no matter where you are, and delivers whatever you need, whenever you need it. 


Speedy Freight enjoys access to a huge range of vehicles, over 4,000 strong. This fleet includes 45ft Artic Trucks, with a weight capacity of 24,000 kg, down to small vans – meaning that whatever you need moving, we can do it. Speedy Freight Manchester’s drivers are knowledgeable and reliable, and pride themselves on always taking the most efficient route possible when transporting your goods. 


Thanks to our dedicated logistics service, we never co-load your vehicles with other people’s items. That means that our drivers simply transport your goods immediately from Point A to Point B, with Status Tracking providing an overview of the item’s journey in real time. With Speedy Freight Manchester, you can rest assured that your goods are where they need to be, when they need to be. 

Speedy Freight Manchester aims to collect your goods within an hour of your booking, and transports them immediately to your chosen destination. We are also able to move consignments from Manchester to abroad, including Europe, making Speedy Freight the number one choice for all Manchester-based businesses. 

A full list of our services is available below: 


  • Same day courier service 

With Speedy Freight’s same day courier service,  your goods can be collected, transported and delivered on the same day that you make your booking. If you select our next day service, we will collect and deliver your goods the day after you make your booking. 



  • Collection within an hour


No matter where in Manchester you may be based, Speedy Freight aim to collect your goods within an hour. Thanks to this efficient collection service, Speedy Freight can provide both urgent and last-minute logistics service. If you find yourself with a time-sensitive emergency or simply an unexpected courier requirement, simply call Speedy Freight Manchester. 



  • Varied Fleet 


With access to a fleet of over 4,000 vehicles, Speedy Freight can move all sizes of consignments, from the enormous to the miniature!  Our vehicles range in size from a small standard van to a 13.5 metre long Artic Truck. Speedy Freight Manchester can provide logistics no matter the size of your consignment. If you are unsure which size vehicle is most appropriate for your needs, simply visit our Vehicle Page, to see each vehicle listed with their dimensions and capacities. If you are still unsure which of our fleet is best for your requirements – please get in touch with our team, and we will be able to advise you. 



  • Abnormal, fragile or difficult consignments welcomed 


Moving goods which are abnormally-sized, fragile, bulky or otherwise simply difficult to transport can be complex even for couriers. Speedy Freight Manchester’s logistics service is experienced in the movement of these difficult-to-handle goods. Speedy provides safe, efficient transport of these loads, which includes extremely fragile or high-value goods and any other movement which requires extra care and careful handling.



  • 24-hour service


Whatever your business, we know that unexpected developments can arise. Whether it’s a last-minute logistics emergency, a let-down by an existing supplier or simply that your business working week operates outside of the usual 9 to 5, we at Speedy Freight Manchester know that things happen outside of conventional working hours. That’s why we are open to book and provide logistics services 24 hours a day, seven days a week, to make sure you can reach us whenever you need to. 

At Speedy Freight Manchester, we want to make sure we can be the courier of choice for each and every industry during their own working hours, which is why we operate 365 days a year, including over Christmas, Easter, New Year’s Eve, and New Year’s Day (and any other holiday you can think of!) 



  • Same vehicle used for collection and delivery


For many clients, it is important to know where their goods are going between the collection point and the delivery point. This is of particular concern with high-value items or essential supplies. Speedy Freight Manchester ensures that the very same drivers who collect your items travel directly from the collection point to your chosen destination, without any shift changes or alterations along the way. 

Thanks to this consistency, our clients know that they can trust their goods will arrive both safely and on time (Speedy has a Status Tracking system available, if you wish to check the items’ whereabouts!) 



  • Country-wide & international deliveries


At Speedy Freight, we are your local and national logistics supplier. That means that Speedy Freight Manchester is one of over 60 different branches in our network, allowing us to transport your goods from Manchester to anywhere in the UK. In addition, Speedy Freight is able to offer international logistics, moving goods from your business in Manchester to abroad. If you are interested in procuring this international delivery service, please get in touch with our team for more information on the service available to you. 



  • Refrigerated


Speedy Freight Manchester is also able to offer chilled and refrigerated logistics services. Whether you need to move medical or scientific equipment at a specific temperature, or need to transport food or raw ingredients in the hospitality industry, Speedy Freight is able to calibrate our vehicles to meet your requirements. 


Local to you

Our regional offices provide national coverage and tailor-made local services.

What areas does Speedy Freight Manchester cover?

Speedy Freight Manchester offers logistics services for both Manchester city centre and the surrounding areas, and is able to transport goods further afield. Your area should be listed below; however, if it is not, please don’t hesitate to contact us and a member of our friendly team will assist you. Alternatively, you can search for your nearest branch of Speedy Freight with our location finder.

  • Manchester
  • Manchester Central
  • Trafford Park
  • Media City
  • Eccles
  • Carrington
  • Salford
  • Stretford
  • Sale
  • Swinton
  • Wythenshawe
  • Denton

The industries we cover include: 


  • Print 
  • Marketing 
  • Food 
  • Retail 
  • Medical 
  • Pharmaceutical 
  • Scientific 
  • Construction
  • Manufacturing
  • Aviation
  • Events
  • E-Commerce
  • Defence 



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