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Specialist Services And Vehicles

If your load is heavy, wide, long, dangerous or all around awkward, we have a solution for you.

Whether it is a regular requirement, planned delivery or a last-minute emergency, we will solve your logistics challenge.

We also work with specialist partners and local authorities, when handling abnormal loads to ensure a smooth process.

What is classed as an abnormal load?

  • Weighs more than 44,000kg.
  • Axile load is more than 10,0000kg for a single non-driving axle and 11,500kg for a single driving axle.
  • Width of more than 2.9m.
  • Rigid length of more than 18.65m.
A truck mounted forklift which fits easily to the rear of a truck, minimising time wasting on site.
A type of loader crane available in different sizes and specialties, including rough terrain and water immersion.
When you require extensive lifting capacity, we’ll advise on the suitability of a front or rear mounted rigid crane.
Low Loaders
With a trailer deck close to the ground this truck can support greater weights and has ramps for easy loading.
Semi-low Loaders And Beavertail
A flexible model with adjustable wheels and lowerable legs to support the undercarriage, as well as wide ramps, perfect for transporting wheeled equipment.
Flat Bed
For loads that are too large for a closed sided trailer and may require both an escort vehicle and lifting plan.
Urban Trailers And Power Steer Trailers
Can be steered from the rear and remote controlled, allowing for smooth navigation in trickier locations.
Curtain Sided Transportation
Offers protection from the elements during transportation but has a retractable roof or sides for flexible loading.
Car Transportation
Models capable of carrying a single car or multiple cars with open or closed sides. We also offer fully enclosed premium transporters.
What is classed as an abnormal load?
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