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3 Reasons To Procure Your Retail Fleet From Speedy Freight in 2021

As we continue into the first  quarter of 2021, it’s safe to say that courier services have never been as important as they are to individuals and businesses today. With the UK still in national lockdown, individuals and businesses have never ordered as much online as they are today – and nor have as many deliveries been made! What was termed a ‘meteoric’ rise in online retail throughout 2020 led one statistics company to estimate that the market achieved an annual growth of 23% in 2020, the biggest annual increase since 2015, when the growth rate was 17% (insightdiy). Resupplying stock to supermarkets and non-essential retail stores therefore became paramount to keep up with demand  – so it’s safe to say that between customers and businesses, demand for courier services shot through the roof and shows no sign of slowing down.

It’s therefore still essential that your courier fleet is reliable, trustworthy and efficient – if you’re going to keep up with 2021 demand, that is! Domestic customers today expect next-day delivery as standard, some even same day, and if your organisation’s unexpectedly suffering an inventory dip – customers will simply go elsewhere. So, what’s the solution? Procuring a fast, reliable fleet with a variety of vehicles which is able to pick up your call any day, any time – from Speedy Freight.

Demand from businesses for our same day service remains high, covering every industry, whether it’s ecommerce keeping up with domestic orders, with Speedy delivering direct to customers homes or supporting depot and wholesale stock transfers, through to construction requiring supplies and equipment throughout the day, to manufactures requiring supplies to keep lines running- we’re are ready for anything, and can scale up at a phenomenal speed.

1. Varied Fleet 

The first and one of the most crucial aspects of procuring a fleet to provide logistics support to your retail organisation is to ensure you procure a fleet with a varied set of vehicles. Vehicles able to transport large capacity consignments through to small, are essential for retail, as it’s necessary to ensure that stock can be transported in bulk to where it needs to be, whilst equally availability of smaller vehicles to provide trunk support and also delivery to customers homes.

As mentioned it’s not just larger vehicles and trucks that you need to procure. Smaller, more agile vehicles and vans are essential to provide doorstep delivery to clients, as a key part of your online retail service. Speedy Freight can additionally provide specialised vehicles, spanning a huge range of vehicle types. Whether you need a temperature-controlled vehicle to transport food or medical equipment, a flat-bed truck for construction equipment, or anything in between, Speedy Freight can offer the freedom to choose.

With access to our fleet of over 4,000 vehicles, you can rest assured that Speedy Freight is the perfect courier partner to your organisation for efficient delivery – no matter what needs moving!

2. Flexibility

Procuring a fleet from Speedy Freight simply means procuring the most agile and efficient courier service available across the UK. Our varied fleet means that we can transport any goods, no matter how large or how small – but our flexibility goes far beyond that.

Our 24/7 service means that our teams are always on-hand to arrange your logistics services, no matter what time of the day or night you might call. We know that costly last-minute supply chain changes can happen at any time; and your industry might additionally operate through irregular or less conventional working hours. That’s why our teams at Speedy Freight work then, too – making sure whenever you need us, there’s always someone there to pick up the phone.

Our drivers will work throughout the night if necessary to ensure your stock levels are replenished for the start of your next working day, and update you with our Status Tracking to let you be sure your goods will arrive on time.

3. Value 

Lastly, we know it’s essential to ensure you’re getting value for money when you procure your fleet. With Speedy Freight, subject to a credit check, you won’t have to worry about taking out an upfront contract or committing to any minimum number of journeys: what you see is what you get with our trustworthy teams.

Want to check for yourself? We encourage all our new clients who may be considering procuring our services to check out our five-star Trustpilot rating – an independent and objective platform sharing real reviews from real, happy customers!

Our service can be ad-hoc or the beginning of a regular logistics partnership: how we work together is completely up to you. Our customer service is second-to-none, and our drivers are committed to providing you with the very best logistics on the market today.

To procure your fleet from Speedy Freight today, simply get in touch with our administrative teams and we’ll find your nearest branch to get you started with Speedy as soon as possible.

When you think courier, think Speedy! 


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