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From blood couriers to complete temperature controlled logistics solutions, our specialist medical courier and pharmaceutical transport services are ideal for labs, pharmacies and healthcare facilities in need of a trusted delivery service in urgent or time critical scenarios.

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Right now, Speedy Freight drivers are transporting pharma freight across the length and breadth of the UK. From blood and organs, to medication and medical equipment, our pharma logistics services are trusted by healthcare facilities across the country to deliver what’s needed on the same day, helping to save lives and keep the medical supply chain running smoothly.

For time critical situations, we can deploy urgent courier drivers within an hour of your booking*.

  • Temperature Controlled Logistics Solutions

    With a range of temperature controlled vehicles in our fleet, we’re equipped to transport medical and pharmaceutical supplies at risk of spoilage in the event of temperature fluctuations. Our temperature controlled logistics vehicles can be calibrated to suit your medical shipments. We closely monitor the status of all temperature controlled deliveries to ensure safe delivery. Our medical courier drivers are each highly experienced and trained in transporting refrigerated items, providing an extra layer of assurance that your medical items are in good hands.

  • Medical Equipment Courier

    Moving high-value scientific and medical equipment needs a safe pair of hands. Our medical equipment courier solutions ensure that scanners and other high-end medical and scientific technology is moved with precision and care. To avoid the risk of damage or loss, we don’t co-load multiple customer deliveries into one vehicle. Instead, your medical equipment shipment is assigned a designated vehicle(s), dedicated to your delivery only. This means your shipment is delivered direct, no extra stop-offs and no delays. Our medical equipment courier vehicles are monitored and tracked from collection to delivery, and we will provide regular updates on your shipment at all times so that you’re not left in the dark.

  • Organ and Blood Courier

    Our dedicated organ and blood courier services are ideal for medical facilities across the UK. Unlike other pharma logistics companies, we don’t co-load multiple blood batches and organs, we deliver the blood samples and organs you need, directly. This prevents major, potentially life-threatening, mix-ups and delays, ensuring blood samples and organs get where they need to be, fast. For emergency blood and organ transportation, our urgent delivery courier service provides the support you need to move blood and organs quickly and safely. We can deliver at a moment’s notice, even if it’s last minute. With specialist organ and blood couriers based UK-wide for your convenience, there’s never a Speedy Freight driver far away when you need them most. All of our organ and blood courier vehicles are tracked and closely monitored, and we can send out regular delivery updates so that you know what’s happening with your delivery at all times.

  • Medical Document Courier

    Ideal for healthcare facilities and laboratories constantly moving test result documents or patient records, our rapid response medical document courier service gets crucial medical information where it needs to be. We can collect and deliver on the same day, or if that’s still not fast enough, our express delivery service can ensure document delivery at a time to suit you. Your medical document delivery will be assigned to a sole driver who will ensure that it is placed into the right hands, safely and securely to protect privacy and prevent data breaches. Deliveries are closely tracked and delivery confirmation is provided so that you have a complete audit trail for your records.

  • Test Results and PCR Test Courier

    Need to send COVID test results fast? Our PCR test courier services provide a quick way to get test results into the right hands, safely and securely - protecting patient confidentiality at all times. Or perhaps you’re a laboratory that needs to get the results of lab tests shipped urgently - when you need us, we’ll be there. Our 4,000-strong fleet of vehicles and dedicated drivers are ready to go at a moment’s notice to deliver time critical and urgent test results on the same day. Because our couriers are dedicated to your delivery only, you can rest assured that test results will be delivered directly to the addressee - no detours, no delays.

  • Why Choose Us As Your Medical Courier?

    For more than 15 years, we have been on the road moving goods for businesses across all industry sectors - including the medical industry. Over the years, we have moved a lot of medical stuff, and learnt a lot of things along the way. Our experiences have made us more effective and efficient when it comes to moving medical supplies and equipment. We hope you will agree that there is no substitute for experience, and we’re hanging our hat on this alone as the reason why you should choose us. Yes, we have more than 4,000 vehicles. Yes, we have 60 branches across the UK to provide a truly localised courier service. But for all the frills of our service, it’s our experience that attracts healthcare providers and medical facilities to partner with us. This demonstrates the trust they put in us to get the job done, with professionalism and care. When you choose Speedy Freight, you’re choosing an extension of your operation, which will help to make your logistics solutions simple.

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