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Transporting Life-Saving Medications: A Pharmaceutical Courier Case Study

23rd March 2023 | by Sam Nardi

Transporting Life-Saving Medications: A Pharmaceutical Courier Case Study
Speedy Freight works closely with a range of manufacturers and suppliers of pharmaceutical goods across the UK. Our team of experienced medical couriers have access to the right vehicles to transport life-changing and life-saving medications to healthcare providers across the country, ensuring patients receive critical treatments on time. Learn more about our experience transporting important, high-value, and time-sensitive pharmaceutical consignments.


The Client 


Our client is a leading pharmaceutical manufacturer based in the UK. They work closely with healthcare providers across the country, supplying life-changing pharmaceutical goods. They support the NHS’s capacity by ensuring patients receive critical treatments in a comfortable home or clinic environment. 

They’ve worked closely with our Speedy Freight Swindon branch, who offer same day delivery in Swindon, delivering anywhere in the UK. 

Due to the urgent nature of these pharmaceutical goods, they’ve utilised our same day pharmaceutical courier service, which allows our Swindon branch to pick up their goods within 60 minutes, and always deliver on the same day, no matter the time. 


The Consignment 


We’ve delivered a range of pharmaceutical goods, including cancer medications, COVID anti-viral drugs, and other urgent and life-saving medications for our client. Our deliveries often require us to drop off directly to the patients’ homes. We ensure that our client has the pharmaceutical goods needed for each of their clients, so they can administer their life-saving medications. 

We have patients we regularly deliver to, while we also get ad hoc urgent requirements for same day deliveries, in cases such as when a hospital discharges a patient and has informed them of a new medication they require.  

The main services our client has used to deliver their pharmaceutical goods are:  

  • Same day delivery: For pickup of pharmaceutical consignments within the hour and delivery on the same day, at any time of day. 

  • Multi-drop delivery: For deliveries of pharmaceutical goods to multiple locations across the UK. 

When delivering their pharmaceutical consignments, we’ve exclusively utilised small vans for their deliveries, as that is what is best suited for the size and type of their consignments being delivered to homes across the UK. 

We’ve delivered every day of the week for them, making frequent deliveries on both weekdays and weekends, with regular Saturday and Sunday bookings made on the day of requirement.  

If our client can’t produce the required medications before the arrival of the daily van, we offer the flexibility of picking them up at night, as we understand the importance these deliveries have for their recipients. Our Speedy Freight Swindon team has handled many late-night bookings coming in past 9:00 pm for delivery first thing the next day.  


The Challenges 


The varied nature of the pharmaceuticals they provide means that our client’s requests vary greatly when it comes to timing and vehicles needed for each individual job. 

Speedy Freight operates on a 24-hour schedule, every day of the year, much like those working in the medical and pharmaceutical sectors. Our round-the-clock availability and complete flexibility with delivery times means that we’re able to deliver whenever, and wherever. 

During the height of the pandemic, all deliveries were made to vulnerable patients and many still now. With COVID antivirals, the patients we deliver to are infectious and contagious, meaning there is a risk associated with being in direct contact with these patients. Many also have weakened or compromised immune systems, equally putting them at risk.

To manage these risks, we always ensure our drivers are aware of what they are delivering and who they are delivering to, and that they follow appropriate procedures and guidelines when delivering to high-risk clients, for both the client’s and their own safety. Some procedures we’ve put in place to mitigate these risks include putting the parcel at the front door, ringing the bell, and stepping back 2 metres to allow our recipient to safely pick up their parcel.  

We always provide our client with confirmation that our deliveries have reached their destination by offering tracking, confirming the name of the recipient, taking a photo, and ensuring we get a response at the door. 

Our deliveries for this client have always been successful and straightforward, thanks to our expertise, procedures in place, and dedicated vehicles. We always ensure the safe and secure delivery of these consignments, so that those in need of these medications or those responsible for administering them always have them when they need them. 


The Conclusion  


No matter what consignments our client has brought our way, we’ve delivered quickly and efficiently every time thanks to our pharmaceutical courier service. 

Our flexibility, expertise, and quick-acting Swindon team consistently enables our client to deliver life-changing medications to their patients every day.  

We’ve built a strong relationship with our client operating in the pharmaceutical industry by always being there when they need us, no matter what day it is—even Christmas day!  


Managing an Urgent Pharmaceutical Delivery on Christmas Day 


On Christmas Day 2021, while our Speedy Freight Swindon Branch Manager was eating Christmas dinner with his family, including two young children, he received a call.  

An urgent delivery of medication was required as a patient had received news that morning that they were being discharged from the hospital so they could spend Christmas with their family. However, they couldn’t leave until the hospital knew that the patient could be adequately medicated from home.  

Within 10 minutes, our Branch Manager had set up a delivery and the driver was on his way to collect the medication and deliver it to the patient’s home, ensuring that the patient would also be able to spend Christmas day with their family! 


Book a Same Day Pharmaceutical Delivery with Speedy Freight 


If you’re a manufacturer of pharmaceutical goods currently looking for a same day medical and pharmaceutical courier that can handle all consignments, at any time of day, then look no further than Speedy Freight. 

We’re available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year to handle all your most straightforward to most complex deliveries and always provide a 5-star service, as expressed by this client and thousands of others on our Trustpilot profile. 

Booking Speedy Freight’s same day medical and pharmaceutical courier services starts with finding your local Speedy branch 


Get a quote for a pharmaceutical or medical delivery with Speedy Freight. 

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