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What Can Be Transported with Speedy Freight’s Same Day Medical Courier Service?

17th July 2024 | by Sam Nardi

What Can Be Transported with Speedy Freight's Same Day Medical Courier Service?
Whether our services are needed for moving supplies to a hospital or laboratory, or critical and lifesaving medical goods and equipment, here at Speedy Freight we’ve been part of delivering some remarkable consignments. Learn more about what has and can be shipped with Speedy Freight’s medical and pharmaceutical courier service!


When it comes to deliveries for the pharmaceutical and medical industries, Speedy Freight delivers it all. Whether you’re looking for a courier that can transport blood, sensitive medical documents, or life-saving medical equipment and medications, we’re there. 

Here’s some of what Speedy Freight can deliver with our same day medical courier service. 


Confidential Medical Documents 


We can deliver confidential patient documents direct to their intended recipient, including test results, scans, and medical notes and files. 

Confidentiality is important in the medical industry, which is why Speedy Freight’s same day medical courier service eliminates as many potential risks to the breaking of that confidentiality as possible, by taking the delivery from pick-up to drop-off in one trip. 

As a dedicated service, we never co-load our vehicles, so there’s no extra stops or pickups along the way. Dedicated delivery also eliminates the potential of delivery to the wrong address, as there’s no potential of your package being mixed up with others or damaged along the way. 

These steps ensure that the information found in confidential patient documents is securely delivered to the intended recipient every time. 


Temperature-Sensitive Medical and Pharmaceutical Goods 


The sensitivity of pharmaceutical and medical products to changes in temperature is a major consideration for us. Many goods in the medical and pharmaceutical sector must be transported in a carefully-calibrated environment, which can refer to things like packaging, insulation, and cooling.  

We know that the slightest rise or fall in temperature can have a dramatic impact on medical and pharmaceutical goods, which is why we closely monitor the status of our vehicles at all times. The temperature required varies from delivery to delivery, which is why our trucks can be carefully calibrated to each client’s specific needs. 

Our drivers are highly trained and experienced in the handling of refrigerated goods. Even though this form of courier work can be challenging, all of our drivers have received the necessary training to handle any pharmaceutical and medical supplies that need to remain at a certain temperature. Speedy Freight’s drivers will ensure that your delivery remains at the temperature requested throughout the journey, ensuring the safety and viability of your goods throughout their entire journey.  

Speedy Freight also has both single and dual compartment vehicles available, with dual compartment vehicles allowing goods that must be kept at different temperatures to be transported on the same vehicle. 

Transporting medications by courier is a complex task, but one that our teams here at Speedy Freight have experience in undertaking. Thanks to our temperature-controlled vehicles, our teams can move ambient, refrigerated, and frozen consignments.  


Fragile Medical Equipment 


As well as delivering medication, we can also transport bulkier medical equipment. Whilst larger in size, such equipment is often fragile in nature and so we take particular care when loading and unloading, as well as ensuring it is secure throughout the journey.  

Our focus is always on minimising the chance of damage wherever possible. We can deliver straight from the manufacturer themselves or from another medical facility. Without the right medical equipment to hand, life-saving operations or research cannot take place. 

Transporting medical equipment can be a critical and urgent process. Delivering sterile and life-saving medical equipment requires the utmost care and efficiency, and a dedicated courier service which ensures its safety and security from origin to destination.

At Speedy Freight, we are well-versed in transporting specialist medical equipment, which is usually fragile and often has delicate components. Our same day dedicated courier service means that we can assist in the movement of fragile medical machinery as needed, without compromising its safety during travel. 


Specimens and Samples 


The healthcare industry spans multiple roles, from nurses and doctors to hospital administrators, medical device manufacturers, and scientists. 

Our team of experienced couriers can handle the transport of incredibly varied medical consignments, including perishable pathological specimens and samples. We move testing kits, patient samples, and even blood and vital organs for urgent medical procedures to healthcare facilities nationwide. 

In 2021, Speedy Freight played an important role in the fight against COVID-19 by transporting vital ingredients and equipment to support the COVID vaccine roll-out.  


Hazardous Biomedical Waste 


Speedy Freight offers ADR transport solutions for the disposal of hazardous biomedical waste.  

We have fully trained and licensed transport specialists who can organize the transport and removal of biomedical or hospital waste, in accordance with medical regulation guidelines. 


Speedy Freight’s Same Day Medical and Pharmaceutical Courier Service 


We know that in the medical and pharmaceutical industries, you need a reliable courier that you can trust. You can trust the consistency of our highly trained drivers, who are comfortable taking care of a variety of transportation needs. 

Whether you need to receive medical equipment, samples or bulk drug deliveries our skilled traffic planning and customer service teams offer expert guidance and competitive pricing. 

Once you have made a booking, a driver with a suitable vehicle can be at the designated collection point within the hour, if required.  

Speedy Freight's same day medical courier service can cater for last-minute or urgent delivery requirements, whether your existing delivery partner has fallen through, or you simply have an unexpected same day courier requirement, such as the need to urgently deliver blood products or vital organs. 


Book a Medical Courier Delivery with Speedy Freight 


With over 60 courier branches across the UK and Europe, Speedy Freight can meet your medical courier needs wherever you are. We also offer full healthcare logistics services. 

Book in advance with Speedy Freight and we can assure the reliable service you need. With access to over 4,000 vehicles and branches across the UK, no matter what comes our way we will see your delivery through.  

Don’t just take our word for it! Our 5-star score on Trustpilot from clients across industries speaks for itself. 


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