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Transport for a Foodservice Supplier: A Cold Chain Logistics Case Study

5th July 2023 | by Sam Nardi

Transport for a Foodservice Supplier A Cold Chain Logistics Case Study
In the dynamic world of wholesale foodservice, timely and reliable transportation of perishable goods is a critical factor for success. Effective cold chain logistics are required to ensure that freshness and adequate temperature are maintained throughout the supply chain. In this case study, we highlight how our Speedy Freight Manchester team handles the same day refrigerated transport for a wholesale foodservice supplier, ensuring the safe handling, transport, and delivery of their perishable temperature-sensitive goods.


The Client 


Our client is a leading wholesale supplier of a wide range of food products, distributing thousands of products to thousands of caterers and foodservice businesses across the UK.  

They cater to a range of establishments, ranging from the hospitality sector, including coffee shops, kitchens, hotels, pubs, and restaurants, through to hospitals, schools, and clients in the business, travel and leisure industries. 

With a reputation for quality and reliability, our client has built strong relationships with their customers, supplying a range of ambient, chilled, and frozen goods, as well as liquids.  


The Consignment 


Speedy Freight Manchester answered a query from our client in the wholesale food service and catering industry to deliver a range of products, including seafood, meat, fresh produce, dairy, bakery items, desserts, alcohol, and ready meals. 

With hubs and clients nationwide, our client contacted our Manchester team to deliver their goods on the same day and in temperature-controlled vehicles, from small vans to urban artics. 

As their consignments often vary in size and volume, our client required a varied fleet, including dual-temp refrigerated vehicles. These vehicles can carry loads of two different temperatures, or the separation can be removed to carry a load at a single temperature. 


The Challenges


One of the primary challenges for the same day delivery of ambient, chilled, and frozen goods is maintaining the appropriate temperature throughout the transportation process.  

Our Speedy Freight Manchester team managed these challenges by offering our client dedicated temperature-controlled transport, ensuring their products were transported at the correct temperature and reached their destinations across the UK within the same day.  

Our reactive team can offer support within the hour and can scale up within hours when needed. This was crucial to our client, not only due to the nature of their goods often being perishable, but to meet their own customers’ strict deadlines and tight schedules. 


The Conclusion 


By partnering with Speedy Freight, our client successfully addressed the challenges of same day delivery for their ambient, chilled, and frozen goods. From beer kegs to frozen chips, burgers, and sauces and even Easter Eggs—we’ve moved it for them. 

Speedy Freight's expertise in cold chain logistics and reliability as a same day dedicated courier were key in meeting the high expectations of our client's customers.  

The partnership between our client and our same day Manchester courier service allowed our client to  consistently deliver quality products to their customers while minimising delays and maintaining the freshness of their goods.  

We’ve since delivered just about everything from our client, ranging from a couple of fresh ingredients on a small van to 8,000 litres of water into Wembley stadium using an 18T vehicle. 


Speedy Freight’s Cold Chain Logistics Services 


Speedy Freight’s expertise in cold chain logistics has made us the go-to courier service for businesses across the UK operating in the food and beverage industry—including manufacturing, foodservice, retail and more. 

As a courier company offering chilled and frozen transport of food items, we abide to HACCP guidelines. We follow safe food handling principles to prevent any cross-contamination, transporting chilled food between 0 and –5 degrees Celsius, and frozen food between –18 and –25 degrees Celsius.  

We regularly check our vehicles for temperature compliance, in addition to simple steps like ensuring the doors of our vehicles are open for the minimum time possible to avoid dramatic changes in temperature during multi-drop deliveries. 

If you’re a company operating in the food and beverage sector, reach out to see how we can offer cold chain logistics solutions for your business. Our teams are available 24/7 and always ready to say yes to urgent customer requests, scale with you when you’re in need of additional support during peak season, and there if you’ve been let down by your current courier or logistics provider. 


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