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Temperature Controlled Chilled and Frozen Food Transport Guide

13th June 2023 | by Sam Nardi

Temperature Controlled Chilled and Frozen Food Transport Guide
Perfectly prepared trays of refrigerated plane food? Frozen goods delivered to store? Fresh ingredients delivered to a manufacturing facility? Ready meals and refreshments delivered to an event? Wondering what these things have in common? These are all things you might expect to find travelling by chilled courier (or refrigerated transport service). Here at Speedy Freight, we’ve moved our fair share of frosty fare - and we’re here to help transport any consignments you need to be kept chilly. Whether you’re looking to learn more about temperature-controlled transport as it relates to food, or you’re looking to learn more about Speedy Freight’s chilled and frozen transport services, read our guide below!


Transporting Food and Drink with Temperature Controlled Vehicles 


Transporting food and drink can be challenging due to their sensitive nature and specialist requirements during transport.  

The safe and efficient transport of food is a key component of food safety standards, as laid out by the UK Food Standards Agency. Transporting food and drink with temperature-controlled vehicles ensures food remains safe to consume. 

Perishable items need to be maintained at the correct temperature throughout the duration of their journey, or they could spoil. Dedicated same day courier services, with specialist temperature-controlled vehicles in their fleet, can get your food and beverage consignments to their destination quickly, while ensuring their safe handling from A to B. 


What Is Refrigerated Courier Transport? 


Chilled courier transportation is achieved with carefully temperature-calibrated vehicles to ensure an ideal and stable environment for transporting food, beverages, and ingredients. Temperature-controlled vehicles have built-in refrigeration systems capable of maintaining a set temperature. They’re designed to maintain a consistent temperature to keep all products at the correct temperature for the entirety of their journey. 

In addition to food, chilled transportation is used to transport medical supplies, such as biological tissues and samples, and can even extend to the transport of delicate goods sensitive to temperature changes, where remaining at an ambient temperature is integral to their safe transport. 

The temperature ranges inside or chilled courier transport can be between normal fridge temperature (such as you might use to transport food or drinks) all the way down to deep freeze temperatures for transporting frozen foods that cannot risk thawing during transport. 


How Does Refrigerated and Frozen Transport Work? 


Transporting food at this temperature requires a system capable of generating and maintaining the desired temperature. 

Specialist vehicles designed to transport refrigerated or frozen cargo are purposely built for this and have resources such as compressors, condensers or evaporators that can lower and maintain the temperature of the vehicle, to ensure safe transport in accordance with governing food safety guidelines. 


Refrigerated vs Frozen Food Transportation 

In order to prevent food products from spoiling, The Food Safety and Hygiene (England) Regulations 2013 states that all food must be kept at 8 degrees Celsius or lower during transport, as anything above this temperature could support the growth of micro-organisms.

Refrigerated transport is the process of preserving goods, such as perishable food products, at a temperature between 0 and 8 degrees Celsius. 

Frozen food transport requires lower temperatures, anything below 0 degrees Celsius, and going as low as -25 degrees Celsius, to transport deep freeze food items. 


Which Industries Need Temperature-Controlled Vehicles and Courier Services? 


A refrigerated courier service can help everyone across the food and beverage industries, whether they’re operating in the events, hospitality, aviation, manufacturing sectors or otherwise. 

Keeping things cool can be essential to keeping a whole industry ticking over, from food arrangements for weddings and events to transporting ingredients to food manufacturers, and much more. 

Below are just a few of the ways in which temperature-calibrated vehicles can be used effectively: 

  • Transportation of ingredients for the food manufacturing industry 
  • Transportation of food, beverages, and ingredients for restaurants 
  • Transportation of food, ready-meals, and refreshments for the events and hospitality industry 
  • Transportation of food trays and various beverages for the aviation industry 
  • Transportation of food and beverages from producers and suppliers to retailers and wholesalers

Speedy Freight’s Same Day Refrigerated Transport Logistics for the Food Industry 


Speedy Freight has a wealth of experience in providing both restaurants and retailers with logistics for chilled or frozen goods.  

Our same day chilled courier services aim to be with you within one hour of making your booking. This means that your goods don’t risk being exposed to the open air, or to any temperature which might affect their quality or safety.  

Our experienced drivers have been trained in temperature-controlled vehicles, so are well-versed in how to operate our specialist courier service. 

Chilled courier services are used for sensitive consignments that are perishable or can otherwise be negatively impacted by its environment. This often naturally necessitates a same day delivery to ensure the goods arrive at their destination safely and in the ideal condition. 

For many of our clients, transporting raw ingredients through Speedy Freight’s courier service becomes an important factor in their peace of mind. Our restaurant and retail clients know that our refrigerated vehicles are always temperature-regulated, checked, and pass all necessary safety standards to ensure the very highest standards of quality checking. 

As a dedicated courier, your consignments are transported directly from your send-point to your receiving-point, with no stops along the way or delays from moving other clients’ goods. This is important for the rapid receiving of your items, in order to ensure a speedy replenishing of your supply chain.  


Arrange Your Temperature-Controlled Transport for Chilled and Frozen Food 


Arranging your chilled courier services with Speedy Freight couldn’t be easier. With no additional charges or separate booking processes for our specialised courier services, simply get in touch with us. 

Our teams are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week including evenings, weekends and holidays - so don’t hesitate to get in touch with us to book your temperature-controlled transport. 

We’re always on-hand for those urgent temperature-calibrated consignments. Book a consultation or find your local Speedy Freight branch to get started. 


Get a custom quote for our temperature-controlled courier services. 

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