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Temperature Controlled Transport for the Hospitality Industry

15th February 2023 | by Sam Nardi

Temperature Controlled Transport for the Hospitality Industry
If you work within the food and hospitality industries, whether you run a restaurant, a meal box subscription service, or work within the catering industry, then you’ll know of the importance of temperature-controlled same day delivery. Here’s a guide on how to find a courier that can deliver liquids and perishable food products that require special handling, temperature-controlled fleet, and industry expertise.


The movement of liquids and perishables is a challenging one. As a result, not many couriers have been able to provide the safe and efficient transportation of liquids, which can be a problem for many clients. 

When selecting a courier to transport liquids and food products, you’ll want to ensure it’s one of the specialist services they offer and that they have access to temperature-controlled delivery vehicles. 

The movement of liquids goes far beyond the food and hospitality industry, with industries like the medical and construction industries both relying on couriers with experience handling liquids, so you’ll want to ensure that the courier you select has experience moving and handling liquids and perishable food products as they relate to your industry. 

At Speedy Freight, our drivers are carefully trained in the transportation of liquids of all types, volumes, and sizes. With the correct training and fleet, the management and logistics involving the movement of liquids are easily undertaken to ensure the most efficient and safe movement of your consignments. 


Same Day Delivery of Liquids & Perishables 


Same day delivery is crucial for the safe delivery of liquids and perishables. Speedy Freight’s same day delivery service can be booked ahead for pick-up and delivery on the same day and is always available in an emergency. In most cases, we can be with you within 60 minutes of you placing your booking with us. 

Speedy Freight operates 24/7, 365 days a year, so no matter when you need something delivered, we’re always available to deliver your food products and liquids.  


How Does Speedy Freight Move Liquids? 


At Speedy Freight, we take great care in the way that we transport liquid consignments. We receive liquid consignments from across the UK and can transport them wherever you need them to be. With over 60 branches across the UK and Europe, we can be with you quickly and deliver same day. 

Speedy Freight provides courier services for hospitality, wherein the movement of beverages is common for restaurants, bars, meal delivery services, and catering companies. Speedy Freight can move liquids for all these sectors, safely and securely and in an appropriate vehicle, with same day and next day delivery options available.  

Speedy Freight has been moving liquids for decades, and we tackle our challenges of moving liquids head-on, by ensuring all couriers are as experienced as possible in the movement of difficult materials.  

We always secure any liquid consignments to the highest degree of safety and security. Speedy Freight always has the best suited vehicle for your needs, whether for the secure delivery of liquids, or the transport of your refrigerated, ambient, and frozen consignments. 

What Are Temperature Controlled Vehicles? 


Temperature controlled vehicles are vans and trucks which are designed to move temperature-critical cargo. Speedy Freight’s multi-temperature vehicles can move ambient, chilled, and frozen goods. 

Temperature control is of particular importance for goods where monitoring is legally mandated. With these vehicles, you can rest assured that products or supplies remain in a safe or consumable condition during transit.  

Multi-temperature vehicles preserve and retain sensitive products, keeping them at the exact temperature they need to be regardless of journey length, which is important if you’re delivering perishable food and drink products. 


Temperature Controlled Delivery Services for Food and Catering 


Our fleet of over 4,000 vehicles includes temperature-controlled transport, so we can offer refrigerated courier services and frozen item delivery.  

Speedy Freight offer an integrated temperature-controlled courier service. With a fleet of innovative dual temperature vehicles on hand, we can move your goods on time and at the required temperature. Our extensive network across the UK and Europe offers reliable chilled distribution and courier services to all industries, all while providing a dedicated, personalised service. 

For urgent chilled supplies or last-minute crisis management, Speedy Freight has the solution you need. Our multi-temperature delivery service has dealt with everything from food to medical supplies, providing same day delivery when called upon.  

Food companies and caterers also require temperature-controlled vehicles. Speedy Freight have extensive experience working alongside leaders in this industry to get fresh and frozen ingredients to their business in timely fashion.  

Meats and dairy products in particular need specialised cool vans to remain safe to eat. Our dual-temperature vans create secure environments for all forms of consumable products. 


Book a Temperature Controlled Vehicle Delivery with Speedy Freight 


To book a temperature-controlled delivery with Speedy Freight, simply get in touch with us by requesting a quote through our online consultation form or call or email us to speak to our team.  

As a courier service operating all day, every day—including nights, weekends, and bank holidays, we can deliver anything, anywhere. Whatever you need, whenever you need it, Speedy Freight can move it. 

We offer a dedicated service, meaning your consignments are the only ones loaded onto your dedicated temperature-controlled delivery vehicle, reducing the risk of spoilage as well as delays to your customers. 

Whether you need ambient, chilled, or frozen items to be delivered, and whether you have just one delivery or 100 requiring a multi-drop service, we can handle it. 


Find your local Speedy Freight branch to book today. 

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