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Transporting Food And Drink With Temperature Controlled Vehicles: A Case Study

15th June 2023 | by Sam Nardi

Temperature Controlled Transport for the Hospitality Industry
Speedy Freight aren’t limited to same day transport solutions. More than just an everyday courier, we offer a comprehensive logistics service which is powered by an extensive specialist fleet, nationwide network and supply of dedicated drivers. Speedy Freight Warrington are a shining example of how malleable and expansive our logistics service is. They’ve been fuelling the food and drink industry, undertaking challenging projects with two household names in the sector. Moving food and drink up and down the country requires specialist vehicles and expert drivers. While challenging, tackling the toughest tasks head on is bread and butter to our teams. Find out how our Warrington branch went above and beyond in the latest of our case studies series.


The Client 


Thanks to an enviable reputation as one of the UK’s most reliable logistics providers, Speedy Freight Warrington came into contact with two leading food and beverage clients. 

Both clients have franchises dotted all over the country and required assistance in maintaining a steady supply chain of chilled and frozen goods to their premises.  

Each client required different services, positing a diverse set of requirements. What both clients had in common, however, was the need for a temperature-controlled vehicle and quick delivery. 


The Consignment 


The consignments primarily consisted of ingredients that needed to be stored at ambient or frozen temperatures.  

Due to the nature of the clients at hand, the consignments were, of course, business critical and required special considerations and care to get to their chosen spots in a short period of time.  


The Solution


Speedy Freight’s access to a substantial fleet of vehicles allowed our team to source suitable temperature-controlled vans.  

This type of vehicle is not as common as other vehicles such as Luton vans, meaning a proactive approach to procurement was essential. Not all couriers offer temperature-controlled vehicles as part of their fleet, but thanks to Speedy Freight’s versatile fleet of over 4,000 vehicles, we can quickly procure these on short notice. Overcoming this obstacle ensured that they were able to keep all cargo stored at the correct temperature, making them safe for consumption.  

This was achieved by acquiring vehicles with dual-temperature functionality which are operated thanks to a partition through the middle, separating into two separate sections. Each side creates its own environment and can be set to frozen, chilled, or ambient temperatures – a truly specialist service. 

With the correct vehicles in place, the team were able to assign trained drivers. Both clients came with requirements of their own.  

The first required a multi-drop service, regularly supplying five of their franchises with chilled goods. The nature of their consignments meant that there was little to no margin for error.  

The second client requested last minute crisis management and same day deliveries to franchises. Often, this would require the collection of fresh ingredients within the hour. Our team are well-versed in super speedy delivery and were able to surpass expectations, while retaining transparency of any potential stumbling blocks. 

With our specialist chilled vehicles at the ready and dedicated drivers behind the wheel, their consignments were sent off to various restaurant branches all around the country, arriving in perfect condition. 

It’s safe to say the challenge of providing regular temperature-controlled vehicles to leading hospitality clients was one which Speedy Freight Warrington took on with gusto.  Such a demanding and unpredictable job requires quick thinking, strong communication, and extensive industry knowledge, all values which run through our Speedy Freight teams. 

This job was carried out with such professionalism and dedication that Speedy Freight were rebooked on a repeat basis and have developed a strong relationship with our client. 


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