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Transport of Medical Supplies and Blood Samples: A Case Study

28th March 2023 | by Sam Nardi

Transport of Medical Supplies and Blood Samples: A Case Study
Our medical and pharmaceutical courier service has seen us deliver a wide array of medical materials. We continuously work with leading healthcare providers and facilities across the UK, delivering what they need to perform life-changing procedures. From transporting standard medical supplies, to delivering more specialised consignments such as blood samples and temperature-controlled medications, our dynamic approach to delivering for our clients allows us to take on new requests with ease. In this case study, we explore how our team’s expertise and quick-response time allows us to remain flexible and cater to our client’s evolving delivery needs.


The Client 


Our client is a top-rated UK-based provider of medical treatments, offering patients high-quality care in their healthcare facilities. 

They regularly provide life-changing procedures for NHS patients and have several facilities across the UK to cater to patients nationwide. 


The Consignment 


As a leading provider of specialised life-changing treatments across multiple large-scale facilities, they require many medical goods and equipment in order to do their procedures. 

While looking for a same day Bolton courier to handle their medical and pharmaceutical deliveries, they contacted our Speedy Freight Bolton team, who are experienced medical couriers. 

Since booking their first job with Speedy Freight, they’ve contacted our courier team for a range of jobs, mainly to do stock transfers between their facilities across the UK. The shipments generally include the transport of: 

  • Face masks 

  • Gloves 

  • PPE 

  • Tissues 

  • Medical equipment 

  • Medications 

The type and quantity of medical goods in the shipments often vary, and to successfully complete the job, we’ve used a range of suitable vehicle types, from small vans to long wheelbases (LWB). 

With access to a fleet of over 4,000 vehicles, including specialist temperature-controlled vehicles, we always have the right vehicle for the job. 


The Challenges 


As a regular client of ours, they often use our same day delivery courier service to quickly transport medical supplies between their offices.  

Recently, they contacted our Speedy Freight Bolton team with some additional delivery requests, including a last-minute booking for the transport of blood samples. 

Not all courier companies offer the specialised service of transporting blood and other biological samples. 

Thanks to Speedy Freight’s range of services, we were able to quickly take on their additional requests with ease, while other couriers may have been unable to take on their request, leaving their client in need of seeking additional support at the last-minute. 


As we operate on a 24-hour basis, we’re always ready to go in an emergency, and we were able to quickly deliver their blood samples to their lab when needed. Since then, they have regularly used our same day medical courier service to deliver blood samples. 


Occasionally, they also book temperature-controlled deliveries with our chilled vehicles when transferring medications that need to remain at a certain constant temperature. 


The Conclusion 


Teams across Speedy Freight’s nationwide network with over 60 strategically placed hubs are experienced dedicated medical and pharmaceutical couriers. 


From face masks to blood samples and chilled medications, we’ve delivered it all for our client, quickly, securely and efficiently every time. 


Our adaptable range of services and experience in all sectors, including the medical and pharmaceutical sector, has allowed us to swiftly adapt to all our client’s needs and provide on-demand services when required. 


Transporting Blood by Courier 


Speedy Freight are experienced couriers that can transport blood samples. We offer a range of transportation solutions covering everything from blood transport to microbiology specimen and pathology specimen collection and transport.  


We can also transport other biological samples and we offer a specialist ADR courier service for the transport of biomedical hazardous.


Book a Medical Delivery with Speedy Freight’s Medical Courier Service 


Whether you need to transport fragile medical equipment, life-saving medications, or a varied range of medical supplies, Speedy Freight’s medical and pharmaceutical courier service can deliver it all. 


With our network of courier branches across the UK and Europe, when you book with us, we can generally get to you within 60 minutes of your booking to pick up your consignments.  


As a dedicated courier service, we’ll also never co-load your consignments, so you can always rest assured that your goods will get to their destination safely, securely, and right on time. 


Ready to book medical equipment transport with Speedy Freight? 


Get a quote from Speedy Freight for a medical delivery today. 

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