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International Deliveries of Medical Equipment: A Healthcare Logistics Case Study 

22nd March 2023 | by Sam Nardi

International Deliveries of Medical Equipment: A Healthcare Logistics Case Study 
Speedy Freight’s medical and pharmaceutical courier service has transported everything from life-saving medications to sensitive medical paperwork and fragile medical equipment. Medical equipment comes in a range of sizes, and its transportation can be challenging, as a lot of medical equipment can be fragile, heavy, oversized, or otherwise abnormal in shape. The transportation of these high-value goods is something Speedy Freight specialises in on a local, national, and international scale. Learn more about how our teams across our network and our specialist import and export service team come together to successfully transport fragile consignments internationally for manufacturers of medical equipment.


The Client 


Our Speedy Freight Swindon branch regularly handles the transportation of surplus decommissioned, surplus and end of line medical equipment for a range of clients. 

Medical equipment manufacturers and auction houses specialising in the sale of medical equipment have utilised Speedy Freight’s comprehensive healthcare logistics services to transport these items across the UK, Europe, and even internationally to places from North America to Africa. 

As part of our full healthcare logistics offerings, we have a dedicated team specialising in the import and export of all consignments, including customs clearance of medical goods and equipment. 


The Consignment 


Our Swindon team regularly organise the transportation of a range of medical equipment for several clients, primarily auction houses specialising in the re-sale of medical equipment. 

These items include CT scanners, x-ray equipment, laboratory equipment, and respiratory equipment such as ventilators, which purchasers will then use in care and medical facilities in their local area.  

While some of these items are already in the UK, many of these surplus items first must be imported into the UK. In both cases, they are then resold to healthcare companies across the EU, North America, and Africa. 

Speedy Freight offers full import services, to help our clients manage incoming shipments. We handle everything from customs clearance, to coordinating the entire import process to reduce the risk of disruptions and delays at UK borders.  

With fragile, bulky, and heavy medical equipment, simplifying the import process to reduce the risk of delay and damage is key for these items to arrive in pristine condition, ready to be auctioned off.  

Speedy Freight Swindon provide dedicated transport from collection to delivery with customs clearance covered on both sides. 

Recent deliveries have been to Portugal, Italy and Southern Ireland all on dedicated transport. Our export service. Our specialist export service simplifies overseas shipping and takes care of everything from export declarations to transporting consignments ready for shipping. 

The Challenges 


The challenges of transporting medical equipment are wide-ranging as the scope of medical equipment can include everything from defibrillators to ambulance and laboratory equipment.  

The medical equipment we transport for medical auction houses is all in operational condition, ready to be used by healthcare providers across the globe. Therefore, these consignments must be transported with extreme care and consideration, as these items are of a fragile and high-value nature. 


The Conclusion 


Speedy Freight consistently manage these challenges by offering a full range of healthcare logistics services, including the transportation of medical equipment of all types, sizes, and shapes. 

Our extensive knowledge as dedicated pharmaceutical and medical couriers, as well as our range of specialist import and export services, allow us to navigate these challenges with ease and always be ready for the unexpected.

With access to a fleet of over 4,000 vehicles, and teams across the UK and Europe ready to collect consignments at any time of day. 


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