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Finding Your Local Horticultural Courier For 2022

As any florist knows, a good horticultural courier can be difficult to find! The difficulty finding a horticultural courier is for many reasons; the need for a varying size of fleet, the requirement for flexibility of delivery hours, and the expertise required to keep houseplants, hanging baskets and bedding plants in perfect condition during transportation. These specific needs for horticultural couriers can means that finding a specialist horticultural logistics supplier with the necessary skills can be a difficult task. 

At Speedy Freight, we’ve always moved large consignments of plants with ease and right on schedule for a huge variety of clients. Far from just supplying plant shops, our horticultural services mean that we can provide consignment for all different types of greenery, no matter when or where it is needed! With garden centres having remained open in the majority of the UK’s recent lockdowns, Speedy Freight’s services have been in demand more than ever for horticultural courier support. W

In any usual year, Speedy Freight might be supplying plant logistics services to clients who are event florists, or party organisers; from landscapers to garden designers to retailers. Now that the UK is embracing its roadmap to reopening, it’s time to organise your horticultural courier support ahead of opening your doors to the public once more in just a few weeks’ time! 

Thanks to the fact that we have branches all over the UK, we are able to be with you within one hour of placing your booking – ensuring a speedy and reliable service, every time. In Finding your local horticultural courier just got a whole lot easier, with Speedy Freight.

What is needed to be a successful and reliable horticultural courier? 



We know that not all of our clients require their consignments for the same reason or at the same time! Whether you’re a wholesale flower supplier who typically travels from overseas and needs to open by 5.00am each day, an event organiser needing bespoke flower arrangements to set up for an evening party or a florist needing to decorate an entire venue for a wedding, your horticultural courier needs are going to be hugely diverse. That’s why we offer delivery of your consignments 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year: Speedy Freight’s flexibility is vital in the horticultural consignments industry! Plant supply and delivery during COVID-19 has been essential to keep garden centres open, which Speedy Freight has been proud to supply. 


Range of vehicle sizes

It is additionally imperative that your chosen horticultural courier has a range of vehicle sizes available in their fleet. This is especially vital in the movement of plants, given that they are living things, and need the space to travel undamaged to ensure they can continue to present at their best. In addition, as we have mentioned, our clients’ vehicle requirements may vary enormously from one client to the next: whether the transportation is of a full rack of bedding flowers for sale in a department store or supermarket, or carefully-designed floral bouquet arrangements for display at an exhibition, there will be an enormous variance of the space needed. Our clients range from requiring extra long-wheel base vans, through to needing 12 – tonne trucks to transport grass, shrubs and trees. With a fleet of over 4,000 vehicles at our disposal, Speedy Freight are perfectly placed to keep your supply chain stocked, no matter when. 



When you’re entrusting your whole stock or event to a courier, you need to know that they have experience in transporting delicate consignments. Plants, as living creatures, need to be treated with a high level of care and experience, from courier drivers who understand the conditions necessary to ensure survival. In addition, you don’t want to risk sharing your consignment space with any other individuals or businesses by co-loading, which would inevitably pose a risk to the plants which are being transported. At Speedy Freight, we never co-load our vehicles: instead, we are a dedicated courier and serve one client per journey. That way, you know you can rest assured that the goods will reach you on time and without damage, or delays from any other stops – without risking any security issues from stopping along the way.


Who do we supply? 

As stated, Speedy Freight can supply a huge range of clients with our horticultural courier services. Supplying plant and flower wholesalers, florists, garden landscapers, grass companies, supermarkets and so many more are all within our remit and areas of expertise.  Additionally, we offer logistics for the industry of garden supplies and other external features, such as fencing companies, turf companies and more, with the necessary experience of providing courier services in their industry. 


How do I organise my horticultural courier? 

 To find your local horticultural courier service, no matter what you need, you’ll find an experienced, flexible and reliable logistics service from Speedy Freight. Simply get in touch with us to arrange your horticultural courier service today. 

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