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Finding Your Local Horticulture Courier

6th March 2023 | by Sam Nardi

Finding Your Local Horticulture Courier
Whether you need a horticulture courier to deliver fresh flowers, plants and trees, or other greenery, it can be difficult to find a courier company that specialises in delivering these types of delicate, temperature-sensitive, and sometimes abnormal sized goods Finding the right courier service whose services match up with your own delivery needs is key in getting the most out of your chosen horticulture courier.  Read Speedy Freight’s guide on finding your local horticulture courier and learn more about our same day farming and horticulture courier services. 


Finding Your Same Day Horticulture Courier 


Finding the right horticulture courier for your company can be challenging, due to the range of sectors the horticulture industry encompasses. 

Some things you’ll need to keep in mind while looking for a horticulture courier service are a varied fleet, flexibility of delivery hours, and the expertise required to transport everything from hanging baskets to bedding plants in perfect condition during transportation.


What To Look for In a Horticulture Courier 


Availability and Flexibility 

We know that not all our clients operating within the horticulture industry require their consignments for the same reason or at the same time. 

Whether you’re a wholesale flower supplier who typically travels nationally, or even internationally, and you need to be set up by 5:00 AM every day, an event organiser needing bespoke flower arrangements delivered to an event, or a florist needing to decorate an entire venue for a wedding, your horticultural courier needs are going to vary greatly. Therefore, you need a courier service that is flexible and can adapt to your specific needs. 

That’s why Speedy Freight offer same day delivery of your consignments 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Our flexibility and round the clock availability are vital to companies operating within the horticulture industry. 

A Fleet of Dedicated Vehicle Types and Sizes 

It’s crucial that your horticulture courier has a range of vehicle sizes available in their fleet.  

This is especially vital in the movement of plants and flowers, as these items are especially vulnerable to mishandling, improper storage, and quick temperature changes. Improper transport could result in a complete loss of the items. 

Vehicle requirements may vary enormously from one client to the next: whether the transportation is a plant trolley or a full rack of bedding flowers for sale in a department store or supermarket, or carefully designed floral bouquet arrangements for display at an exhibition, there will be an enormous variance of the space needed. 

Our clients’ needs range from requiring extra-long-wheel base vans, through to needing 12 tonne trucks to transport grass, shrubs, and trees. With a fleet of over 4,000 vehicles at our disposal, Speedy Freight have the tools and vehicles to keep your supply chain stocked, no matter what. 

We also have access to a range of specialist temperature-controlled vehicles, when required for the transportation of fresh flowers or other temperature-sensitive items. 

Proven Experience  

When you’re entrusting your consignments to your courier, you need to know that they have experience transporting delicate consignments.  

Plants, as living creatures, need to be treated with a high level of care, so you want to know that your driver understands the conditions necessary to ensure their survival and prevent irreparable damage. 

The best way to ensure your consignments are in good hands, from pickup to drop-off, is to go with an experienced and highly rated horticulture courier service that uses dedicated vehicles for transport.  

Dedicated vehicles mean that solely your consignments are only ever loaded onto the delivery vehicle. No co-loading with other companies’ goods is crucial when delivery plants that require careful handling and storage in order to make it to their destination in optimum condition. When delivering plants, you don’t want to risk your stock being on the same delivery vehicle as other goods that could potentially damage yours, and don’t require the same level of handling as living things. 

At Speedy Freight, we never co-load our vehicles. We are an entirely dedicated courier and serve only one client per journey. That way, you can rest assured that your goods will reach their destination on time, eliminating the potential damage and security risks of being stored with other consignments, as well as preventing delays from other stops along the way. 


What Can a Horticulture Courier Deliver? 


Speedy Freight can deliver a range of items for our clients operating within the horticulture industry. 

Here are some items that Speedy Freight regularly deliver for the horticulture industry: 


  • Fresh flowers 

  • Plant trolleys 

  • Trees 

  • Plants 

  • Grass 

  • Landscaping items 

  • Agricultural goods and machinery 


We supply a range of clients in the horticulture and garden industries, including flower wholesalers, garden landscapers, event florists, party organisers, and retailers.  

We also offer plant and horticulture logistics for garden item manufacturers and suppliers, including fencing, turf, and landscaping companies, as well as DIY and garden centres and nurseries.  

No matter what sector you’re in, Speedy Freight have the tailored industry knowledge to deliver your goods, whether that’s just a plant trolley, or a full load delivery to a garden centre. 


Speedy Freight’s Horticulture Courier Service 


At Speedy Freight, we've always moved large consignments of plants with ease and right on schedule for a huge variety of clients. Far from just supplying plant shops, our horticulture courier services can deliver all types of consignments, from different types of greenery, no matter when or where it is needed!  

With over 60 branches across the UK and Europe, we aim to be you within one hour of placing your booking—ensuring a speedy and reliable service, every time.  


Book a Horticulture Delivery with Speedy Freight 


No matter what you need delivered, you’ll find experienced, flexible and reliable horticulture courier and logistics services from Speedy Freight.  


Simply get in touch with us to arrange a horticulture delivery today.

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