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In April 2023, we launched our Routes Planting Roots environmental campaign in partnership with the Earth Restoration Service, where we funded wildflower meadows and tree nurseries for over thirty local schools in the areas where our branches operate. 

Our branches have funded wildflower meadows consisting of about 100 native wildflowers and tree nurseries of 50 native trees to reforest and reflower school grounds across the UK, in support of the Earth Restoration Service’s goal of planting 50,000 trees and enough wildflowers to attract 20 million insects to the UK by 2030. 

The next stage of our collaboration will begin in October 2023, when we will aid in the planting event in collaboration with the schools and members of the local communities.  


From Our Branches to Your Community FAQ From Our Branches to Your Community FAQ

  • What is the Earth Restoration Service?

    Started in 2001, the Earth Restoration Service is engaged with two main areas to restore the environment: tree planting and creating small-scale wild areas with wildflowers. Through their programmes, they help restore depleted natural areas, whilst teaching the next generation about the importance of nature by engaging them with it first-hand. The Earth Restoration Service is a Registered Charity in England and Wales 1118951.
  • How are Speedy Freight helping?

    Speedy Freight will be supporting a minimum of thirty schools in partnership with Earth Restoration Service to support their goal of planting more than 50,000 trees and enough wildflowers to attract 20 million insects to the UK by 2030. We will also help arrange the transport of the trees and flowers ahead of the planting event.
  • How does the Tree Nursery programme work?

    With the School Tree Nursery Programme, schools will receive a Tree Nursery, which is an area set up within school grounds where up to 50 tree saplings of various native tree species are planted and raised. These trees will stay in the nursery, where they are looked after, until they are big enough to be moved and replanted outside the school in the local community.
  • How does the Flower Flutters programme work?

    The School Flutter Flowers programme aims to re-flower an area within school grounds. The students at the school will plant wildflowers that are all native and according to local conditions, creating a small wildflower meadow. This will support the return of native species of insects and invertebrates to the area, including important species such as butterflies and bees.
  • How can I nominate my local school?

    Nominations for local schools are now closed.
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