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Print & Warehousing:  A Speedy Freight Case Study

27th May 2022 | by Aimee Spilsbury

Speedy Freight has worked for decades offering courier services to a huge range of different industries across the UK. Sometimes, a job requires the input of more than one Speedy Freight branch - and it can be the case that two or more of our Speedy Freight branches need to collaborate in order to work effectively. This was the case for Speedy Freight Chatham and Speedy Freight Milton Keynes, where we undertook a job for a client which required the storage and movement of Point of Sale display units.


The Client


The client in this instance was a producer of Point of Sale display units, which Speedy Freight typically transported between Rochester and Alfreton, in Derbyshire, England. Speedy Freight Chatham had previously been approached about storage. On this occasion, the client wanted to store 45 pallets for two weeks  - and Speedy Freight delivered.


The Challenges


This consignment required liaising with another Speedy Freight branch - which of course had to be conveniently located. Speedy Freight Chatham liaised with Speedy Freight Milton Keynes, to make use of the latter’s warehouse facility. The client needed to store for two weeks, and subsequently transport, 14 Artic loads of Point of Sale display units.


The Consignment


Thanks to the fantastic collaboration between the two Speedy Freight branches, the consignment of pallets were able to be transported, stored and delivered successfully.

The job, however, wasn’t over. Speedy Freight Chatham then received a further order for 115 pallets - to travel and be stored in the same route. Once again, the two branches collaborated to explore their options, and were able to process the pallets in the same manner as the first consignment. The second booking went ahead, all pallets arrived, were unloaded and stored, with the pair keeping in close contact for the duration of the job.

Thanks to Speedy Freight’s experience with supporting retail, storing items as well as moving large format print goods and POS units, the items arrived in perfect condition and on time.


The Conclusion 


The client was satisfied with Speedy Freight’s efficient, collaborative and helpful response in storing and moving their goods. The client needed to extend their storage time for the batch, entrusting the careful storage of their items to Speedy Freight for several more weeks. Thanks to the quick thinking of Steve and the Milton Keynes branch, the additional pallet storage of 115 pallets was made possible - resulting in yet another happy client.

Speedy Freight, Long Wheel Base Van.

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