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European Courier Service 


Need a reliable courier service to deliver your goods from the UK to Europe or from Europe to the UK? We’ve got you covered with our dedicated direct European courier service.  

Whether it’s a small parcel or a large shipment, including oversized or otherwise difficult-to-handle goods, our European delivery services are designed to meet your deadlines. Our expert courier team is equipped to handle your deliveries with care and professionalism, ensuring they arrive on time and in perfect condition. 

As your trusted EU logistics partner, we offer comprehensive delivery solutions to and from European countries, including Spain, France, Portugal, Germany, Italy and more. Our dedicated service means we never co-load your consignments; your consignments are always the only ones on the delivery vehicle. 

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When booking in your courier service consultation, we will ask a few quick questions to ensure our service is right for you, and so that our team can come prepared with the solution that meets your requirements.

Shipping to and from Europe with our UK – EU and EU – UK Delivery Service 


When time is of the essence, our express European courier service delivers your packages with the urgency they deserve. With over 60 courier branches across the UK and Europe, our teams are ready to pick up your consignments at a moment’s notice 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. 

Whether you need to deliver construction materials and building supplies to European construction sites, wholesale goods for your EU shops and warehouses, heavy and fragile equipment across borders, and just about anything in between—we have the expertise to guide you through the whole process from pickup to delivery. 

When you choose Speedy Freight for your EU imports and exports, you’re choosing speed without compromising on reliability. 

Why Choose Speedy Freight for Your European Deliveries? 

  • Extensive European Network

    Our extensive network across Europe ensures that your goods reach their destination swiftly and securely. Our strategic partnerships with leading carriers enable us to offer comprehensive coverage, reaching even the most remote locations within the EU.

  • Personalised Solutions Tailored to Your Industry

    Every business has unique delivery needs. That’s why we offer customised solutions tailored to your specific requirements. Whether it’s a last-minute one-time shipment or a recurring service, we have flexible and scalable options to accommodate your preferences and requirements.

  • Dedicated International Shipping Team

    Speedy Freight’s international team is dedicated to managing and overseeing your European deliveries. From navigating complex customs regulations to coordinating logistics seamlessly, our team ensures a hassle-free and efficient shipping process.

Speedy Freight Frequently Asked Questions FAQ Speedy Freight

European Courier Service FAQ

  • What countries in Europe does Speedy Freight cover for deliveries?

    Speedy Freight can deliver to any country in Europe. With a vast partner network, we offer swift and secure deliveries throughout the European Union (EU) and Europe. Our extensive partnerships with leading carriers enable us to reach even the most remote locations within Europe.
  • What documentation is required for European deliveries, and how does Speedy Freight assist with customs clearance?

    Documentation requirements vary, but our experienced team guides you through the process. We assist with customs clearance by ensuring all necessary paperwork is in order, minimising delays and ensuring a smooth transition through customs.
  • Are there any restrictions on the type of goods that can be delivered within Europe, and how does Speedy Freight handle European shipments?

    While there are certain restrictions, we handle a wide range of goods. Speedy Freight specialises in tailored solutions for unique shipments, coordinating with relevant authorities to ensure compliance with regulations for the transport of your consignments.
  • How does Speedy Freight take to address potential delays in European deliveries?

    We employ proactive strategies to minimise delays including staying up to date on any potential disruptions. Our goal is to keep your shipments on schedule, and we communicate promptly about any unforeseen challenges.
  • How much does Speedy Freight’s European delivery service cost?

    We offer fully personalised pricing, with quotes based on your specific European delivery needs. Factors such as distance, shipment volume, and service level contribute to the cost.
  • In the event of a delivery issue, how can I reach your customer support team?

    Our customer support operates 24/7. In case of any issues, you can reach out through various communication channels, including phone and email. We prioritise quick response times and effective solutions to address any concerns or inquiries you may have.
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Our Speedy Promise

When you use our dedicated European courier services, a dedicated driver and vehicle are assigned to your delivery. We only transport your consignments – we don’t take on other loads, meaning direct delivery and no delays.

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