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Time-Critical Deliveries of Living Walls and Plants: A Case Study

22nd January 2024 | by Sam Nardi

Time-Critical Deliveries of Living Walls and Plants: A Case Study
This case study delves into the unique challenges faced by our client in shipping their diverse range of products and how Speedy Freight Crewe's same day courier service proved instrumental in delivering their time-critical consignments consisting of live walls, plants, fresh flowers, and more, to various clients and venues across the UK. 


The Client 


Our client stands out as a specialist in the design, installation, and maintenance of a diverse array of greenery. From real and artificial plants to fresh flowers, green walls, and exterior landscaping products, our client caters to a broad spectrum of industries, including professional, retail, events, and hospitality sectors. 

Having carved a niche for themselves in the market, they offer unparalleled expertise in providing green solutions for various spaces. Their services encompass everything from delivering fresh flowers to installing live plant walls in hotels, making them a key player in the plant design and maintenance industry. With a client base spanning venues including showrooms, restaurants, hotels, and more, they required a courier with a range of services, vehicles, and 24/7 availability to meet their delivery needs. 


The Consignment 


The nature of our client’s business requires a logistics partner capable of handling a diverse range of products. This includes transporting fake and live plant pots, live plant walls, and artificial plant walls. The dimensions of the goods vary significantly, ranging from singular plants to walls over two meters in height. Meeting these varied requirements necessitates a flexible transport solution, from small vans to full-load articulated vehicles, with tail lifts mandatory for larger items due to offloading constraints. 


The Challenges 


Our client faces unique challenges in their shipping needs, primarily driven by the delicate nature of their products. As a manufacturer of both live and fake plants, the company operates under stringent time constraints to ensure the plants remain in optimal condition upon arrival. Unlike standard shipping methods involving palletisation and pallet networks, their products cannot be palletised due to their varying heights and dimensions, requiring a more tailored approach for each job. 

Their customers’ demands add another layer of complexity to the logistics process. Their clients often have specific requirements for offloading and placement at the delivery site. Customers can be challenging, necessitating a dedicated haulier willing to assist in the offloading process or transporting goods to a designated location within the site. 


  • Non-Palletised Goods: The need for specialised handling of goods without the option of palletisation. 
  • Out-of-Hours Deliveries: Accommodating delivery schedules that extend beyond standard working hours. 
  • Time-Sensitive Transport: Ensuring timely deliveries to prevent any deterioration of live plants.  


The Solution 


Navigating their intricate delivery requirements demanded a logistics partner that could adapt to the unique nature of their consignments and offer prompt and reliable time-critical deliveries. Speedy Freight Crewe emerged as the perfect solution, providing tailored same day courier services that addressed the challenges faced by our client. 


  • Our ability to offer flexible transport options ensured that goods of varying sizes and dimensions could be transported with care and precision. We’ve used everything from small vans to artics to deliver our client’s products. When shipments require a vehicle larger than a Luton, a specialist vehicle with a tail lift was required for offloading, as their goods could not be forklifted off. With access to a fleet of over 4,000 vehicles, including specialist options, we always have the right vehicle for the job, whether that’s delivery of 1 or one hundred plants. 
  • Our dedicated and customer-centric approach aligned seamlessly with their need for a haulier willing to assist in offloading and meeting specific on-site requirements. As a same day courier specialising in a range of industries, our teams have the knowledge  
  • Our commitment to out-of-hours deliveries further solidified our partnership, allowing our client to meet customer demands and project deadlines efficiently. This included 2 AM deliveries, as well as overnight deliveries into Central London to avoid rush hour traffic congestion. 


Speedy Freight's Same Day Courier Services 


For businesses in the manufacturing and retail sectors facing unique logistics challenges, Speedy Freight stands as a reliable partner. Our same day courier services are tailored to meet the diverse needs of the manufacturing industry, across all sectors, ensuring timely and secure deliveries of sensitive cargo. 

Contact Speedy Freight today to experience a seamless logistics solution that prioritises the unique requirements of your business.  


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