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Transport of Large and Heavy Machinery: A Case Study

8th November 2023 | by Sam Nardi

Transport of Large and Heavy Machinery: A Case Study
Transporting heavy machinery, especially across international borders, presents a unique set of challenges that demand expertise, efficiency, and effective communication. In this case study, we delve into a successful transport operation involving a manufacturer of agricultural machinery, highlighting how a combination of industry knowledge, meticulous planning, and commitment to customer satisfaction played a crucial role in the delivery process. 


The Client 

Our client, a manufacturer of agricultural machinery, sought transportation solutions for their large equipment, much of which required transit across the EU. The key to our success in this case lay in our Doncaster branch’s dedication and problem-solving skills. 

Steve from our Speedy Freight Doncaster team, whose family background in farming allowed him to connect with the client on a personal level and understand the requirements of the delivery. 

“I was quite clued up around the paperwork and certification needed to move the consignment, including Health Certificates and documentation to state if the machine had or had not been field tested. This provided our client with an added confidence boost, as they knew we had the required knowledge to proceed in moving this consignment.” 

This rapport-building and in-depth understanding of the client's industry paved the way for a successful partnership.


The Consignment 

The particular item in question was a large straw layer machine, necessitating a Low Loader for its transportation. Such specialised machinery required careful handling, making the choice of transport provider all the more critical.


The Challenges 

Our journey through this case study was punctuated by various challenges and showcased our abilities beyond our same day courier services, demonstrating our skills as an end-to-end logistics provider specialising in the movement of consignments of all sizes across borders.

Technical Challenges: The first hurdle we encountered was the need to comply with maximum height limits for transport in the EU. To overcome this, we devised a solution involving the removal of the machine's wheels, effectively reducing its height and ensuring its smooth passage from the UK to its destination in Germany. This technical adaptation demonstrated our problem-solving abilities and reinforced our position as the go-to transport specialist for our client. 

Export Challenges: Our Doncaster branch coordinated with our specialist import and export team to undertake the full export process, including customs clearance, for our client. Navigating the complexities of import and export procedures proved to be another significant challenge. Drawing from previous experiences, we prioritised the completion of comprehensive paperwork and a meticulous approach to documentation.  

We also took on the responsibility of clearing customs on behalf of our client, ensuring that all necessary permits and approvals were obtained. The client's satisfaction with this comprehensive approach, coupled with our transparency and effective communication, made for a smooth operation. Even a minor hiccup at the German customs office over an ATA number was resolved swiftly in under an hour, underscoring our commitment to quick issue resolution.

The Conclusion 

The consignment was loaded in the UK at 12:00 BST on Tuesday 10
th October and successfully delivered and unloaded in Germany at 13:00 CET 12th October.  

This case is a testament to our team’s expert industry knowledge, swift and effective problem-solving skills, and seamless coordination with our client, haulier, and customs personnel.  

The successful transport operation exemplifies the outcomes that can be achieved when all these elements come together. Successfully orchestrating the movement of this consignment led to a satisfied repeat customer in the manufacturing industry who now entrusts us with the quick, safe, and secure transport and export of their high-value machinery.


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