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What Is A White Glove Delivery Service?

12th January 2023 | by Sam Nardi

What is a White Glove Delivery Service?
White glove delivery is one of the services you’ll come across among the offerings of logistics companies. It’s a delivery service for items that require special attention and careful handling than regular parcels due to their value, size, and fragility. Learn more about white glove logistics in the furniture industry and the benefits of using a white glove delivery service.


Where Does the Term White Glove Delivery Come From?  


The term comes from a past tradition of movers wearing white gloves while delivering high-value goods to customers. It’s long been associated with high-value transactions, and the white gloves were worn to foster the impression of a high-end service.  


The term has now evolved to define a delivery service that offers special care and a personalised experience.  


While your delivery drivers may not be wearing white gloves as they once did, the “white glove attitude” as it refers to delivery of the highest standard remains, and white glove delivery is only increasing in popularity. 


What is a White Glove Delivery Service? 


A white glove delivery service is a delivery service that ensures your consignments are handled with the highest level of care and attention for a stress-free experience. 


It is commonly used to ship specialty goods including valuable, fragile, and temperature-controlled items. It is commonly used in the furniture industry to deliver large, delicate and fragile pieces, from large furniture pieces to valuable antiques. 


While all courier and delivery services will promise to deliver your goods with the utmost care, white glove delivery is the delivery service you want to select to ensure you’re getting the highest level of care and service for your valuable items. 


What is Included in White Glove Delivery?  


White glove delivery promises a flawless customer experience from pickup to drop off, but it doesn’t end there.  


One of the things that sets white glove delivery apart is that it’s not just a simple drop off delivery service. White glove delivery also entails the unpacking of the item, placing the item in the desired location, and removing and disposing of the packaging—which can often be significant when it comes to fragile and specialist items. 


It’s a delivery service that prioritises the customer experience and pulls out all the stops to ensure customer expectations are not only met but exceeded. 


When you book a white glove delivery with Speedy Freight, we will deliver, unpack, and place your items. We will also take care of disposing of packaging for a completely hassle-free delivery. 


White Glove Furniture Delivery 


White glove delivery is a popular service, and perhaps most well-known, among furniture retailers. In the furniture industry, a white glove delivery service is when a piece of furniture is hand delivered to the client’s home, in an area or room of their choosing. 


With white glove delivery, expectations are not met by simply arriving at the destination. That’s why Speedy Freight’s specialist furniture couriers are not only highly skilled and experienced in the transportation of furniture, but also in the installation and set-up of furniture in customer homes. We offer a high-quality service from point A to B. 


Who Offers White Glove Delivery? 


Speedy Freight offers a bespoke dedicated white glove delivery service. We offer a two-man delivery solution with a personal touch that other transport services lack.   

A dedicated service means we’ll never co-load your deliveries on our delivery vehicles. This ensures that your deliveries are given the highest level of attention and care and are quickly delivered to you.  


Speedy Freight’s Dedicated White Glove Delivery Service 


Opting for Speedy Freight’s dedicated white glove delivery service also means that your deliveries will always get to you on time. With Speedy Freight’s dedicated service, you can rest assured that your delivery’s only destination is yours and won’t be subject to any stops along the way, as we will never co-load your deliveries. 


Our access to a fleet of over 4,000 specialist vehicles means that we have the tailored delivery vehicle for your needs, which can cut costs associated with running your own fleet. We offer a two-man delivery solution, while providing you with a personal touch that other transport services lack.   


We have vast experience delivering a range of fragile and delicate items in a range of sizes. Our 5-star Trustpilot score is testament to our expertise across a range of industries. 


The Benefits of Speedy Freight’s White Glove Delivery 


  • A Personalised Experience: We’ll handle all your deliveries with a high level of care and attention to detail to ensure your items get to their destination. 

  • Experienced Delivery Professionals: Our dedicated drivers have a wealth of experience delivering large, fragile, and fragile goods across a range of industries. Whatever you need delivered, we can handle it. 

  • 24/7 Customer Service: We're available 24 hours a day, every day of the year so you can contact us anytime. Our 5-star Trustpilot rating is testament to our 5-star customer service.  

  • Hassle-Free Experience: Enjoy a stress-free experience with Speedy Freight’s 5-star rated delivery service. We’ll take care of everything from loading your consignment onto our dedicated vehicle to removing the packaging. 

  • Dedicated Driver and Vehicle: Speedy Freight offer a completely dedicated service, which means you will have your own dedicated driver and vehicle. No other companies’ goods will ever be loaded onto the same vehicle.  

  • Reduce Transport Damage Risks: Our dedicated driver will carefully load your shipments onto the dedicated vehicle and be right on their way to your destination. This prevents your goods from being damaged during transport.


Book a White Glove Delivery 


When you book a white glove delivery with Speedy Freight, you can rest assured that your consignments will be in good hands. We pride ourselves on the punctual, professional, and premium dedicated service we offer. We will deliver your items exactly where they need to be and in pristine condition. 


We have the tools and industry knowledge to handle all heavy, awkward, oversized, bulky, fragile, or valuable items. 


If you have an item that needs special considerations during transport, contact us today to book a white glove delivery. We can provide two-man delivery crews for last-minute delivery jobs or planned routes 


Find your local branch to book a white glove delivery with Speedy Freight. 

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