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5 Things To Consider When Moving Oversized Loads

3rd August 2020 | by Aimee Spilsbury

Oversized loads courier service, Speedy Freight.

As the nation’s favourite same day courier, Speedy Freight is experienced in the movement of all types of consignments. There’s almost nothing we can’t move (or haven’t moved!) whether it’s specialist medical equipmentparts of buildings, or sets for festivals or productions – we’ve done it all.



One key area in which Speedy Freight is experienced is in the movement of large or oversize loads. This may be the case across many different industries; from aviation, where we might be moving a whole wing of an aeroplane, or whether we are hired to manoeuvre a bridge for the construction industry, Speedy Freight is well-equipped to move anything of practically any size or shape.

We’ve put together a list of 5 things that are vital to consider when you are moving oversized loads, in order to make sure you have a sufficient means of transporting the item safely and securely.


1. Length, Width & Height


Firstly, it is vital to consider the length of the oversized load. This is essential (as you may realise) when it comes to the kind of vehicle we’ll use to transport the goods! From our small vans to our Artic trucks, including extended multi axle trailers for oversized loads, our varied vehicle fleet means that we can offer the perfect transportation for your load – no matter the size it may be!

The width of your oversize consignment is just as essential as the length and weight of it when it comes to booking your oversized load. We’ll need to know all the dimensions of your item in order to provide a suitable vehicle – so make sure you’ve got them covered.


2. Will it need a movement order?


A movement order is covered in the abnormal load movements application and its associated notification forms, which must be completed in order to make an abnormal loads movement by road without using the ESDAL (electronic service delivery for abnormal loads) system. We’ll need to know the size and shape of the item in order to work out whether or not a movement order is necessary prior to transportation!


3. Do we need to inform local authorities?


Local authorities need to be informed in certain cases when it comes to oversized consignments. There are cases in which authorities like the police, highway authorities and bridge and structure owners (like Network Rail) will need to be advised of the movement of the oversize load.

It is vital that enough time is given for the authorities to take any appropriate action before the consignment is moved. For instance, you must wait until you have received any necessary clearances from the relevant authorities such as the police, highway and bridge organisations. For instance, a Special Order application must be completed minimum 10 weeks before your planned journey – underlining how important it is to be organised in this regard.


4. Do we need a police escort?


(These can be costly and will need to be factored into the price)

Though this might sound extreme, it isn’t an impossible occurrence! Though regulations vary from region to region, abnormal load transportations often require police escort during transportation. Should this be the case, this must be factored into the overall price of the journey. Contacting your local police department is essential in order for the authorities to provide you with a suitable escort, should your load require one!


5. Is this an abnormal load? 


Of course the most essential of all of these aspects to consider is to ensure that your consignment is an abnormal load.  Abnormal loads are classified by the following measurements:


  • A weight of more than 44,000 kilograms

  • An axle load of more than 10,000 kilograms for a single non-driving axle and 11,500 kilograms for a single driving axle

  • A width of more than 2.9 metres

  • A rigid length of more than 18.65 metres

If this applies to the item you are wishing to transport, this meets the criteria to be considered an abnormal load, and as such must be transported accordingly.

Finally, it’s essential to ensure you’ve planned ahead. Have you checked the route for obstacles like low bridges, roundabouts, street furniture and grids? Are there weight restrictions in place for bridges or crossings? Do we need to get grid pressure tested before the job goes ahead? There are plenty of things to consider before you begin the process of moving an abnormal or large load.

Speedy Freight is experienced in the movement of all abnormal loads and will be able to assist you with any aspect of arranging your consignment.


For more information on moving your abnormal or oversize load, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us.

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