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Exhibition and Events Courier for Every Occasion 


We offer a bespoke exhibition and events courier service, designed to meet the unique demands of every occasion. Our extensive network delivers to all premier exhibition venues across the UK and every size venue in between.  

Whether your exhibition takes centre stage at iconic venues such as the ExCeL in London, the NEC in Birmingham, or finds its niche in a charming hotel in Cornwall, our commitment is unwavering—we ensure the prompt delivery of everything you need for your event, be it on the same day or the next day, with our express courier services. Whether your plans are meticulously laid out in advance or you find yourself in need of a last-minute urgent same day delivery, rest assured, we’ve got you covered.

How Our Exhibition and Event Couriers Can Assist You 


Currently, our same-day couriers are diligently transporting exhibition stands, paperwork, and various event essentials across the UK and Europe. From large, bulky booths to delicate roller banners and intricate IT equipment, businesses, exhibitors, and event planners trust our couriers to deliver securely and meet tight deadlines. We streamline the process of preparing for your event, whether big or small, ensuring a stress-free experience while saving you both time and money. 

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Your Preferred Events Courier Service 

Reliability and relationship-building are fundamental to effective courier services for exhibitions. We aspire to be your events courier service of choice, establishing a long-term partnership that you can consistently rely on to meet your logistics demands. Choosing a same-day courier that delivers consistently means you won’t have to deal with last-minute switches or unexpected challenges. 
Unlike other same-day events couriers, our focus is exclusively on the collection and delivery of your exhibition consignments. We don’t take on additional loads or make unnecessary stop-offs. Our commitment is to deliver your items safely, securely, and on time, every time. Throughout the process, we keep you informed about the delivery status at every step. 
Our operations run 24/7, 365 days a year, ensuring we can deliver to events at any time. Our professional couriers undergo rigorous training in handling exhibition equipment and are prepared to drive through the night if necessary to meet your urgent needs. 
Partnering with Speedy Freight gives you access to a versatile fleet of over 4,000 vehicles, including specialist temperature-controlled options, spread across 60 strategically located delivery depots across the UK and Europe. This extensive network ensures that we are never far away from your events venue, providing you with the reliability and convenience you need for seamless and dependable event logistics.

Event Courier Case Studies

  • Flexible Booking Options

    The dynamic nature of event planning requires a courier service that can adapt to changing circumstances. Speedy Freight offers event companies the flexibility they need, allowing for adjustments in logistics planning, accommodating last-minute delivery requests, and ensuring that the transport of exhibition materials aligns seamlessly with the evolving requirements of your events. We operate 24/7, 365 days a year, always ready to deliver what you need.

  • Tailored Services for Varied Events

    Events come in all shapes and sizes, each with its own set of logistical challenges. Speedy Freight offers bespoke services to accommodate the unique requirements of different events. Whether it’s a trade show, conference, product launch, or corporate event, our courier solutions can be tailored to move everything from high-value intricate displays to one-of-a-kind promotional materials with precision.

  • Time-Critical Deliveries

    In the exhibitions and events industry, timing is everything. Speedy Freight’s commitment to same day and next day deliveries ensures that your materials arrive precisely when needed. We understand the significance of tight deadlines in preparing for exhibitions, and our couriers are dedicated to facilitating a seamless and time-critical delivery process for your event materials.

  • Logistics for All Event Venues and Sizes

    Speedy Freight takes pride in delivering adaptable logistics solutions to cater to events of all sizes and at any venue. Whether your event is hosted at a grand convention center, a boutique hotel, or any unique location in between, our courier service is equipped to navigate the diverse landscape of event logistics. From intimate gatherings to large-scale exhibitions, our commitment remains unwavering, ensuring that your materials arrive safely and on time, regardless of the event’s size or venue complexity. With a focus on flexibility and scalability, Speedy Freight is your reliable partner for seamless deliveries to any event, regardless of scale or location.

  • Secure Handling of High-Value Goods

    Exhibitions often feature high-value and sensitive exhibits. Speedy Freight takes pride in the secure handling of such items, implementing rigorous training for our couriers in the delicate transportation of exhibition equipment. Our focus on security and careful handling guarantees that your valuable exhibits arrive at the venue in pristine condition, ready to captivate your audience.

Speedy Freight Same Day Courier Service FAQs Speedy Freight Same Day Courier Service FAQs

Exhibitions and Event Logistics FAQ

  • What types of items can your exhibition and events courier service handle?

    Our exhibition and events courier service is equipped to handle a diverse range of items, including exhibition stands, promotional materials, delicate displays, IT equipment, and more. From bulky booths to intricate components, our specialised logistics solutions ensure secure transportation for all your event-related items.
  • How flexible are your delivery options for events of different sizes and timelines?

    We understand the dynamic nature of event planning. Our courier services offer flexible delivery options to accommodate events of varying sizes and timelines. Whether you need same day delivery for a last-minute exhibition or meticulous planning for a large-scale event, we tailor our services to meet your specific requirements.
  • Can you deliver to any event venue, regardless of its location or size?

    Absolutely. Our exhibition and events courier service is designed to deliver to any event venue, be it a major exhibition center, a local hotel, or a unique remote off-site location. We have the knowledge to navigate logistics challenges and ensure your materials reach the designated venue safely and on time, no matter where they need to be.
  • How do you ensure the security of high-value and delicate exhibits during transportation?

    The security and safety of your exhibition and event consignments are our top priorities. Our couriers undergo specialised training in the handling of exhibition equipment, ensuring delicate and high-value items are transported with the utmost care. Additionally, we offer tracking and provide updates and assurance throughout the transportation process.
  • What sets Speedy Freight’s exhibition and events courier service apart?

    Our expertise and dedication to events and exhibition consignments sets us apart. Unlike other couriers, we don’t take on additional loads during transport, ensuring a focused and reliable service. Our commitment to transparency, flexibility, and personalised solutions makes us the preferred choice for exhibitions and events logistics.
  • How do you handle last-minute bookings for events with tight deadlines?

    We understand that the events industry is fast-paced, and plans can change rapidly. Our same day exhibition and events courier service is well-equipped to handle last-minute bookings. With our expedited services, we can accommodate urgent requests, ensuring that your materials are delivered on time, even with tight deadlines. In most cases, we can pick up your consignment within 60 minutes of your booking and deliver anywhere in the UK same day.
  • Can your event courier service accommodate multiple stops or deliveries for a single event?

    Our service is designed to be as flexible as your event requires. Whether you need multiple stops or deliveries for a single event, we can accommodate your specific itinerary with our same day delivery and multi-drop delivery services. Our goal is to streamline the logistics process, ensuring that all necessary items are delivered to their respective locations efficiently.
  • How does Speedy Freight ensure reliability for events held during weekends or holidays?

    We operate 24/7, 365 days a year, including weekends and holidays. Our commitment to round-the-clock service ensures that we are available whenever you need us. Whether your event falls on a weekend, a public holiday, or any other day, our reliable courier service is ready to meet your logistics demands with efficiency and professionalism.
  • Do you offer temperature-controlled courier services for the events industry?

    We offer a temperature-controlled delivery service to transport goods at ambient, refrigerated, and frozen temperatures. Our refrigerated transport service is equipped to handle a wide range of temperature-sensitive items commonly found at events. Whether it’s perishable food items, floral arrangements, or sensitive equipment, we ensure precise temperature control to meet the specific requirements of your event items.

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