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Moving Stage Equipment to Glastonbury Festival: A Case Study 

14th July 2023 | by Sam Nardi

Moving Stage Equipment to Glastonbury Festival: A Case Study 
From a small business conference to the grounds of the largest performing arts festivals in the world—there’s no corner of the UK that we haven’t delivered to with our same day event courier service! In this case study, we examine the intricacies and challenges of delivering stage equipment to event venues across the UK, including Glastonbury Festival. Read on to find out all the ways our Speedy Freight Northamptonshire team went the extra mile for our client. 


The Client 

Our client is an Australian touring production company who, as part of their work, are required to move sets and props across the UK. 

As a production house, they work with artists from diverse backgrounds, and are currently supporting the tour of an Australian act performing shows across the UK in Glastonbury, London, Manchester, and more.


The Consignment 

In the search for a 
same day courier in Northamptonshire to move stage equipment across the UK, our client found Speedy Freight. As experienced event couriers, moving everything from props, lightbulbs and stage costumes through to lighting rigs and stage components, nothing is too big or small for our courier teams to handle, and our client selected us for our expertise and rapid response time. 

Our client was able to quickly fill out our online consultation form and receive a quote from our Northamptonshire team immediately to move their stage equipment.  

Navigating event locations, particularly outdoor ones as large as Glastonbury, can be a complex job, but our Northamptonshire team always welcomes a challenge and swiftly took on our client’s request.


The Challenges 

same day event couriers, we’ve delivered to just about every event location across the UK, big and small, including theatres, concert venues, and outdoor festivals. We knew that delivering to the biggest festivals in the world would not be without its challenges! 

The delivery to Glastonbury Festival was the most challenging delivery our team experienced with this client. Getting their goods on-site ahead of the start of their set was smooth sailing throughout but collecting their equipment at the end of Glastonbury festival proved to be challenging. As so many performers take stage during the festival, it attracts a huge crowd from all over the world—a crowd of 210,000 people to be exact! This means that heavy traffic is unavoidable following the end of the festival, which can lead to delays. 

Thankfully, we were able to successfully navigate the festival grounds through the traffic and kept our client in the loop the whole way through. To facilitate communication as our driver navigated through Glastonbury, our Speedy Freight Northamptonshire went the extra mile and started a group chat with all our client’s team members to keep them informed, in addition to giving them regular phone calls to update them on the delivery progress. Our teams are always on hand to give updates on the status of your delivery, by email, phone or text—whatever your preference. 

Another challenge we experienced with this client is regarding the nature of the delivery locations. Event venues and festival sites often have stringent requirements for on-site access and deliveries. Being well-equipped with the right vehicle that meets space restrictions, as well as being knowledgeable about any restrictions is key to successful delivery in the events industry 

With access to a fleet of over 4,000 vehicles, we always have the best suited vehicle for the job. For these delivery runs, we used 7.5T Curtain Side with Tail Lifts. For these deliveries, we had to provide the driver’s name and vehicle registration number so they could access the festival grounds and venues. 

Thanks to our communicative teams who always check a venue’s requirements, knowing that some venues and festival grounds have strict security measures, we experienced no delays in providing the required information to proceed with our deliveries. 

The final challenge we encountered with this client was their sudden need for extra props for their show. This short-notice need was quickly acted upon by our team, who went to collect their required props for them at shops based in the local Glastonbury area and delivered directly to them on-site, ahead of their performance so they could focus on getting show-ready. 

Overall, our unparalleled experience as same day events couriers led us to navigate each challenge with ease, leading to successful deliveries and a satisfied client!


The Conclusion 

Since our initial contact with our client, our Speedy Freight Northamptonshire team have built a strong relationship with our client in the event production industry.

To keep in touch, our client followed Speedy Freight on LinkedIn, and connected with our Northamptonshire team, so they could each keep up with each other, and quickly connect when they need our services.  

Our client has expressed satisfaction with how we handled their UK-wide deliveries of stage equipment, and left a glowing 5-star review on Trustpilot to document their experience: 

“We felt in very good hand with Speedy Freight Northamptonshire - whether our freight was going to a field in Glastonbury, a storage in Manchester or any number of theatres for presentation across the country the Speedy Freight team were there with clear and prompt communication, local knowledge and flexibility if needed.  

Problem solving, when required, was easy as the team was always ready to be on the other end of the phone or email when needed. Sean and the Northamptonshire team were excellent. Highly recommended.” 

For future UK tours, our client has already expressed their desire to use Speedy Freight’s same day events courier service for a seamless, stress-free delivery experience! 

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