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Backup Logistics Support for an Event Hire Company: A Case Study 

5th February 2024 | by Sam Nardi

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Seamless logistics support is paramount for ensuring the success of any event. This case study delves into the collaboration between Speedy Freight Guildford and a leading event hire company based in South East England. With a commitment to delivering exceptional service, Speedy Freight stepped in as the trusted backup logistics partner for the event hire company, providing vital last-minute courier support during critical moments. 


The Client 


Our client is a premier supplier of furniture, event, and catering hire equipment, catering to both private and corporate clients across South East England.  

With expansive warehouses brimming with event essentials, including furniture, tableware, decorations, and professional catering supplies, they assist their clients in bringing their events to life with style and efficiency. 


The Consignment 


From plates and linens to tables and stools and professional catering appliances and decorative elements, our client's inventory includes many items necessary for creating memorable events.  

Their deliveries span various locations and occasions, ranging from private parties and corporate events to weddings and outdoor celebrations. Their commitment to prompt dispatch and meticulous planning ensures timely deliveries for their clientele. 


The Solution 


Our client runs their own in-house fleet, but despite their meticulous planning and well-organised delivery schedule, the nature of the events industry often presents unforeseen challenges, which required swift and flexible delivery solutions outside of regular working hours. 

Our client was looking for a reliable and responsible same day courier that could assist with time-sensitive deliveries, particularly after 5 PM, and got in touch with their local Speedy Freight Guildford and Farnborough team. 

Our client now relies on Speedy Freight as their trusted backup logistics partner, particularly during peak seasons and last-minute emergencies. With an increase in urgent deliveries during the bustling summer events and festivals season, Speedy Freight's agility and 24/7 availability have proven indispensable in meeting our client's dynamic needs. 


The Result 


Speedy Freight has emerged as the go-to solution for our client in the events furniture hire sector, providing reliable backup logistics support when unforeseen challenges arise.  

As the sole courier partner trusted to manage their emergencies beyond standard operating hours, Speedy Freight's seamless integration and responsive approach have solidified our position as a vital logistics ally in the client's operations.  

With the summer events and festivals season ushering in a surge of deliveries, Speedy Freight remains committed to delivering unparalleled service, ensuring the smooth execution of every event. 


Get in Touch with Speedy Freight  


At Speedy Freight, we pride ourselves on delivering more than just logistics solutions – we provide peace of mind during your most critical moments. With a deep understanding of the challenges inherent in various industries, we tailor our courier and logistics services to meet your specific needs.  

Whether you need backup logistics solutions, a one-off delivery, or comprehensive logistics services, we have the flexibility to adapt to your unique requirements. Our versatile fleet and experienced drivers are equipped to handle diverse consignments, from delicate decorations to bulky furniture, with precision and care. 

With years of experience serving a wide range of industries, including events, hospitality, manufacturing, and retail, we understand the nuances and demands of each sector. Our industry-specific expertise enables us to anticipate challenges, streamline processes, and deliver tailored solutions that align with your business objectives.  

Whether you require backup logistics solutions, one-off deliveries, or comprehensive logistics services, our team is always ready to assist you.  


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