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Construction Site Delivery Across the UK and Europe: A Case Study

27th January 2023 | by Sam Nardi

Construction Site Delivery Across the UK and Europe: A Case Study
Speedy Freight’s local, national, and international courier services can help you get what you need delivered anywhere in the world. With over 60 strategically located branches across the UK and Europe, we have the resources to get to you and pick up your goods quickly and efficiently. Our expertise in the construction industry means we can handle all loads and volumes, In this case study, we investigate how Speedy Freight was able to take on the European-wide delivery needs of a local supplier of building materials.


The Client 


Speedy Freight Reading was contacted by a local business in the construction sector that specialises in the supply of building and construction materials to contractors and end users.

This company supplies a range of building supplies to the construction industry including insulation, SFS steel framing systems, timber, and general building materials.

As one of the leading suppliers of construction materials in the UK, they work closely with some of the biggest manufacturers and distributors across the country and all those who require building supplies for their projects. 

With such a variety of building and construction materials to deliver, they were looking for a courier service with experience in the construction industry to handle all their delivery needs—from export services to large, fragile, heavy, and abnormal deliveries. 

With a range of varied dedicated construction courier services, including same day delivery, Speedy Freight was quick to liaise with our client to address all their national and international delivery needs and get their building materials delivered across the UK and Europe. 


The Challenges 


Prior to contacting Speedy Freight, the client was being continuously let down by another courier service who misunderstood their specific requirements and repeatedly sent the wrong sized vehicles to the collection points. 

This led to the client incurring a lot of additional charges and fees due to delays. The unreliability of their previous courier service led them to seek an alternative courier service, which is when they contacted the Speedy Freight Reading team. 

The client initially contacted Speedy Freight to help them navigate the challenges they were facing. The Speedy Freight team was quick to acknowledge and understand their challenges and offer quick solutions as a same day Reading courier. 


The Consignment 


As a key supplier of an extensive range of building materials for everything from personal DIY projects to massive construction sites, the client’s delivery needs vary greatly day by day. 

Since our initial contact, Speedy Freight have delivered everything from a long wheelbase (LWB) van full of plasterboard within one mile of the collection point to artic truckloads of building supplies across Europe.  

We’ve handled all their delivery needs, from collecting and delivering 8x4 plasterboards to 3m base bundles of track locally and internationally. 

Since partnering with Speedy Freight, the client has been able to resolve the delivery challenges they were facing. 

In addition to their previous primary courier service, they tried to use the services of multiple courier services, but always ended up coming back to Speedy Freight as we offered them the best and fastest courier service that met their unique business needs. 


The Conclusion 


Speedy Freight’s range of services, access to a fleet of over 4,000 vehicles, and unparalleled experience as a construction courier enabled us to navigate all their challenges and offer them a solution. We’ve managed various sized loads and fluctuating volumes in accordance with their specific needs for the job. 

As a dedicated delivery service that never co-loads, the client entrusted us with large, high value, bulky, and heavy items that needed to be delivered quickly. Since each of our dedicated transport vehicles are always exclusively loaded with one client’s consignments, this enables us to get their items delivered quickly. It also prevents delays resulting from multiple stops and prevents potential damage resulting from being improperly stored with other items of various weights and sizes.

Our same day courier service that offers pick up within one hour allowed them to get their consignments delivered to the right place, right on time. Once we met all their local and national delivery needs, they utilised our expertise with export services to handle their international deliveries across Europe. 

Our client’s rapidly expanding and changing team requires our Speedy Freight Reading team to continuously build relationships with our client to keep up to date with their evolving delivery needs. Our range of services has been able to scale with our client’s unique needs.  

Our client has been using Speedy Freight’s transport solutions for over four years, and our relationship with them has enabled us to set up standard rates based on job requirements. Members of their team across their offices continuously utilise our courier services to meet their customers’ demands. 


Construction Courier Services for Local and International Deliveries 


At Speedy Freight, we have the tools, expertise, and resources to handle all your most challenging deliveries. If you’ve ever been let down by your courier service, contact Speedy Freight to find out how we can resolve your delivery challenges and offer you custom and scalable transport solutions. 

With expertise in the construction, engineering, manufacturing industries and more, there’s nothing we haven’t seen yet and aren’t ready to deliver. 

Use our branch finder to locate your local Speedy Branch to get started and speak to a member of our team who can assist you with everything from your same day business delivery needs to partnering with Speedy Freight for all your logistics needs. 


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