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Delivery of Building Materials to Construction Sites: A Case Study 

12th April 2023 | by Sam Nardi

Delivery of Building Materials to Construction Sites: A Case Study 
Those working within the construction sector always have their hands full. Working with a reliable courier service can help take a load off. Whether you’re supplying building materials or are constructing on-site, working with a reliable same day courier delivery service is crucial to the development of a construction project. In this case study, we investigate the needs of one of our construction clients, who has utilised Speedy Freight’s same day London courier services to deliver everywhere from residential buildings to Parliament.


The Client 


Our client is a global leader in the manufacture and supply of decking, paving, and building materials such as pedestal systems to raise and level flooring. They attract a range of clients from the commercial and residential sector who have hired their them out for their craftsmanship and expertise. 

If you’ve ever been to any of London’s main attractions or leading shops, hospitality venues, offices, or outdoor spaces, you may have very likely stepped foot on our client’s work before! 


The Consignment 


Our client contacted our Speedy Freight London team with a request to move a range of consignments, including decking and building materials, to a range of commercial and residential properties. 

The quantity and variety of products needed for their projects varies greatly based on the type of project and location, so our client was looking for a courier service that offered the right amount of flexibility for their needs. 

Our client’s needs led them to seek a same day London courier who could easily deliver to locations across London and the surrounding area. They’ve since also used our full day and half day rates courier services when requesting multi-drop deliveries. 

With access to a fleet of over 4,000 vehicles, we’re always quick to assess our client’s needs and send the right vehicle for the job. For this client, our long wheelbase and extra-long wheelbase vans have been the right vehicles for the job, depending on the size of their consignments for each particular job. 


The Solution


At Speedy Freight, we know that every delivery job is different. That’s why our courier prices are customised to suit each of our client’s budgets. 

Our client has trusted us to deliver for them on a regular basis. When in need of a one-off same day delivery, they’ve booked our same day courier service in advance, as well as last-minute. 

To better cater to our clients’ needs, when they know they’ll be needing multiple deliveries to one site, or multi-drop deliveries across several sites, we offer full day and half day rates to keep courier costs down.  

As experienced construction couriers, our deliveries for them generally go to plan every time. When our client needs us at the last minute, we’re always there to deliver for them. 

If there are special delivery requirements at the destination, we’re quick to adapt and undergo any required pre-departure or on-site checks so that you can be sure your delivery gets there when it needs to be. 

As our client works on a range of projects for commercial and residential buildings and venues, our work for them has taken us far and wide across the country. 

Most recently, we made a delivery to Parliament for our client. Our driver had to go through numerous security checks, following which the delivery vehicle was sealed and escorted to Parliament.

While this type of delivery location is not something we experience every day, our teams and drivers are always ready for any place our clients may need us to deliver. Whether that’s just down the road to another construction site, or to Parliament—we’re there.  

Our client has expressed satisfaction with the speed, effectiveness, and reliability of our service. Our Speedy Freight London team continues to deliver for them when needed.

Book a Delivery of Building Materials with Speedy Freight  


We know that the materials needed for constructions projects will vary immensely from client to client, and location to location. That’s why we offer an on-demand service that can adapt to a range of specific needs. 

When it comes to construction deliveries, we can deliver anything from glass stillages to pallets of bricks, decking materials, tools and more. 

Speedy Freight are always ready to go. With 24/7 availability and a 5-star rating on Trustpilot, we’re always ready to go. Whether you need a one-off additional run to a construction site, or if you need a long-term logistics partner, we offer competitive rates and speedy delivery every time. 


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