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Do Couriers Offer Christmas Eve Delivery For Businesses?

9th December 2022 | by Aimee Spilsbury

Christmas Eve is not a public holiday in the UK, so most courier companies will offer Christmas Eve delivery services for businesses. However, each courier provider is different. Some will operate a skeleton fleet, others will only collect and deliver up to a certain time. If you need Christmas Eve delivery for your company, here’s what you need to know.


Logistics Industry Strikes Will Affect Christmas Eve Delivery


You’re probably already aware of planned strikes across the logistics industry. With some courier delivery providers planning to participate in industrial action, this will have implications for your business logistics on Christmas Eve and throughout the festive season. 


Plus, if you’re expecting to import or export a consignment on Christmas Eve, strikes at some of Britain’s major shipping ports will affect your collection and delivery schedules.


Planned industrial action across the logistics industry will see a Christmas like no other, putting the pressure on your business to manage your delivery schedule in an entirely different way. Now, more than ever, choosing the right courier for Christmas Eve delivery is pivotal for your business.


Check Christmas Eve Delivery Capacity


While most major couriers, and some independent couriers, will be operating Christmas Eve collection and delivery runs, just be mindful of their capacity to handle your logistics needs. Christmas is the season for staff holidays. This means that some courier providers are operating with reduced driver numbers.


If this is the case, and you have an urgent collection or delivery requirement, how feasible is it that they can fit in your request? Are you likely to be last on the delivery run? Do you have to pay extra for express or guaranteed delivery?


When time is of the essence, can you afford to take the risk that your consignments might not arrive or be delivered ready for Christmas?


Equally, a lot of courier services might be faced with huge demand and an increased workload, meaning that they have no Christmas Eve delivery slots. 


With Speedy Freight, there’s no such risk. We have capacity to take advanced bookings for Christmas Eve delivery and in most cases, we handle last-minute, same day delivery jobs too, that’s our core service. 


What Christmas Eve Hours Are Couriers Working?


When choosing a courier for Christmas Eve business delivery, check the hours that they are operating. Don’t get caught out by contacting a courier service thinking ‘they’ll be working Christmas Eve, surely’, only to find that they closed for the holidays at 12 noon. 


A lot of courier companies, especially the smaller independent firms, will be working limited hours, while others might be working a standard 9am - 5pm.


For your peace of mind, Speedy Freight operates 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.


We’ve got your Christmas Eve delivery runs covered, whether you need 1 small van, 500 vans or articulated lorries - you could call us the ‘Santa Claus for companies’.

Find Out Which Services Are Available


Some courier companies offer reduced services on Christmas Eve. It’s not uncommon for courier providers to offer delivery only or shut down their specialist services over the Christmas period.


This means that if you need collection or a specific service, you need to make sure that what you need for your business is available.


Every one of Speedy Freight’s standard and specialist courier services is available for Christmas Eve delivery. We can collect too, ensuring that your consignments get from A to B with minimum hassle.


Check That Your Recipients Are Open To Receive


If you need to deliver a consignment, it’s all well and good arranging a courier for Christmas Eve delivery, but if the recipient is not operating that day it’s all for nothing. It’s important to check with those receiving a consignment from you that delivery can be taken.


With Speedy Freight, should there be a problem with a recipient taking delivery, we can store consignment for you. With more than 100,000 feet of warehouse storage space, we have capacity to keep your goods secure until new delivery arrangements are made.


Get Courier Support and Driver Cover


If you have your own in-house fleet and driver crew, but you need back up for your Christmas Eve deliveries, partner with a courier company that can give you the support you need. This is a sure fire way to meet your Christmas Eve delivery schedule without having to be totally dependent on a courier service.


Down on driver numbers for Christmas Eve? Speedy Freight can provide driver cover, giving you professional couriers that will serve as an extension of your business to get the job done. If you need extra vehicles, we’ve got that covered too. With more than 4,000 vehicles out on Britain’s roads, we’ll be there to help you deliver, fast.


Choose Speedy Freight For Christmas Eve Business Delivery


Our nationwide courier network and customer service teams work round the clock serving businesses, like yours, with non-stop, rapid response delivery solutions. With more than 60 delivery hubs located across the UK, we are everywhere and can be anywhere when your business needs us.


Our booking process is quick and painless, we keep you informed about your consignment during transport, and our couriers are totally trustworthy and friendly. See for yourself from customers who have used our services.


Ready to put your Christmas Eve delivery jobs in safe hands?


All that’s left for you to do is contact your local Speedy branch.

We got you covered

Dedicated, swift and bespoke – three key cornerstones of our end-to-end logistics service. With everything from white glove to temperature-controlled solutions on offer, Speedy Freight have the answers to your logistical problems. Our courier service operates 24/7, 365 days a year and covers the length and breadth of the nation. Whatever you need, whenever you need it, we’re there.

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