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Do Couriers Offer Guaranteed Christmas Delivery?

16th November 2023 | by Aimee Spilsbury

Do Couriers Offer Guaranteed Christmas Delivery?

Guaranteed Christmas delivery for your business requires realistic expectations to be set. And who better than a same day courier service to know whether delivery can be guaranteed for Christmas? Many courier companies promise guaranteed Christmas delivery, but the closer to 25 December it gets, the harder it becomes to keep that promise…


…Having said that, many courier companies will be transparent about when the latest possible deadline is for guaranteed Christmas delivery for your business. After all, couriers are on the frontline of delivery during the festive season and know what's possible when it comes to collecting and dropping off consignments before the holidays are in full swing. 

When you're choosing a Christmas courier service for your business, you need to make sure they are operational in the build-up and during the festive season. 


Christmas Delivery Schedules 


The fastest way to find out if a courier company is offering guaranteed Christmas delivery for businesses is to check their festive season schedule online or by calling direct. This enables you to plan your own delivery schedule accordingly to ensure that you can receive and despatch consignments without missing any deadlines. 

Many courier providers will display cut off dates - meaning the absolute date they can guarantee Christmas delivery for your business. It's important to be aware of last orders to avoid disappointment. 


Emergency Delivery at Christmas 


But what if you need a courier service for collection and delivery requirements on Christmas Day? 

Let's say you're a restaurant open to serve Christmas dinner, but you start running low on ingredients, or you are an emergency service in need of blood for a patient. We know that you don't stop for Christmas, so when you need delivery fast, Speedy Freight will be there. 

We are a 24-hour courier working 7 days a week, 365 days a year—including Christmas Day. As a service that specialises in same day delivery, we can collect and deliver consignments when you need them most. 

This includes temperature-controlled courier services. We can deliver food or emergency medical supplies, keeping them at the correct temperature to avoid spoilage. 


Reputation Counts for Everything 


Courier companies are often in the spotlight over Christmas. It's when the pressure's on that you often find out the true colours of a delivery provider. Every year, without fail, a list of the best and worst courier performers over a given Christmas period will be published - like this list from 2022 published by Which? 

One of the chief gripes among those expecting a business delivery is late arrival, despite their chosen courier service promising - you guessed it - guaranteed Christmas delivery. This is often a huge issue for e-commerce companies.  

However, poor communication about a consignment being late is often a bigger problem for business owners. Unforeseen circumstances do occur, and in these situations, we know that you will probably be a little more forgiving if the situation is communicated clearly. 

In addition to our drivers working on Christmas Day, our fabulous, nationwide customer support teams are available too. Plus, every consignment we carry is tracked and accounted for. You will always know where your deliveries are for added peace of mind. If there's a problem, you will be told.  

We don't do radio silence, we're completely transparent at every stage of the transit process. That's why hundreds of businesses that operate on Christmas Day rely on us for same day delivery. 


Get Organised 


To give your business consignments the best possible chance of guaranteed Christmas delivery, make sure you're organised. With several factors out of your control, it's important that you work with a courier service that's flexible and agile enough to work around any challenges and problems that may arise. 

For you to achieve this, you might have to switch courier providers. Perhaps you have your own in-house fleet but you're short on numbers, is there a courier service you can call on to offer backup? 

Maybe you only need a delivery provider for a day or half a day. Whatever your business needs are to ensure guaranteed Christmas delivery, Speedy Freight has a solution. 

Whether you need us to provide long-term logistics solutions or for half a day, our nationwide courier network is equipped and ready for action at a moment's notice. We can offer guaranteed Christmas Day delivery because we'll have vehicles on the road right throughout the festive season. 


We're Delivery Ready 


We take advanced bookings and last-minute jobs, doing our very best to provide your business with guaranteed Christmas delivery. With more than 60 delivery hubs across the UK and a fleet of 4,000+ vehicles, we're in the business of delivering supply chain Christmas miracles 


Want guaranteed Christmas delivery? 


All that’s left for you to do is contact your local Speedy branch. 

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