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Football Tournament Business Logistics: A Guide

18th November 2022 | by Aimee Spilsbury

Football Tournament Business Logistics.

Do you have a business logistics protection plan for the upcoming football tournament in Qatar? We ask, because several factors will be at play when the football kicks off on 20 November, 2022 that could directly affect your business logistics. One is strike action, and another is high worker absences. Here’s how to ensure that you have your business logistics prepared.


How will worker absenteeism affect your business logistics this football tournament?


According to HR solutions, the 2018 football tournament in Russia cost the UK £13 billion in worker absenteeism… ouch. During the 2018 tournament, the average number of days people intended to take off was seven, four of which were going to be ‘sickies’ according to a FootballTips survey of 2,000 adults.


What does this have to do with my business logistics, you might be thinking? Well, perhaps you’re a company with your own in-house courier crew.


During the BIG football tournament in Qatar, you could find yourself down a few drivers because of ‘sickness’ or planned annual leave. What do you do? Collections and deliveries still need to be made, but you find yourself stretched.


Or, perhaps you currently rely on the same courier service you have used for years to manage your B2B logistics, but suddenly they have fewer drivers to help make your regular delivery runs.


Perhaps you are a brewery company needing to deliver beer to your pub chains to ensure stock levels are replenished throughout the football fixtures, but uh-oh, you suddenly find yourself short of drivers.


These are obviously all hypothetical situations, but at the same time, you could unwittingly find yourself faced with these scenarios and you don’t have a back-up plan. 


What’s unique about this football tournament is that it crosses over with peak season, with major shopping events like Black Friday, Cyber Monday and the build-up to Christmas all happening around this tournament.


It would be far from ideal to find yourself short on couriers at this busy time of year, which is why it’s vital to have a business logistics plan.


Logistics industry strike action


Another factor at play that could affect your business logistics amid the football tournament in Qatar, is industry strike action.


If you’re a brewery company, your pub chains in particular could be massively hit by beer shortages, especially if your logistics provider is GXO logistics - which makes 40% of UK beer deliveries - because drivers with this firm plan to strike during the matches.


However, it’s not just breweries that could be impacted, planned strikes across other logistics firms and services could cause disruptions across thousands of supply chains on major match days.


If you don’t have a business logistics contingency plan, now is the time to put one in place…


Business logistics support from Speedy Freight


… And that’s where we come in. Whatever potential jeopardy your business logistics could find itself in, whether it’s driver shortages or the impact of strike action, Speedy Freight can help you keep your logistics operation moving.

National courier solutions


We support a wide range of industries with nationwide courier and logistics solutions. Some businesses work with each of our branches on a local level for regular and ad hoc requirements, but we also work with major organisations to support all their sites across the country.


Whatever level of support you require, we can work with you on a strategic basis to provide the back-up your business needs.


We can work alongside your current fleet or 3PL provider, or seamlessly integrate with your operation to manage your end to end logistics - even providing dedicated account teams and KPI reporting.


We offer entirely flexible solutions and require no contracts or commitment to volume up front. We can scale up and down to meet your demands.


Ad hoc business logistics support


If you simply need support to see your business through peak season amid the tournament, we can help.


Whether you need back-up for regular planned delivery routes or driver cover, we offer a wide range of courier solutions and specialist services to give your business the best logistics support possible when you need it most.


In particular, amid anticipated high worker absenteeism, our driver cover ensures that you’re never short of crew to collect and deliver your consignments. 


Working with Speedy Freight means you will get dedicated drivers, trained to handle all kinds of consignments, and only collecting and delivering on behalf of your business - giving you a completely personalised service.


Plus, our multi drop, express, same day, next day and overnight delivery services give you a complete spectrum of ad hoc delivery coverage, any time day or night.


Round the clock support


With the tournament in Qatar taking place amid peak season, you will need reliable, consistent support with your business logistics. Our nationwide, professional courier network operates 24-hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year. When you need us, we’re there to deliver.


60 strategically placed hubs, 4,000 transport solutions, and a nationwide transport management team, means that wherever your business is based in the UK, we can support your logistics operation any time day or night. 


Don’t delay, partner with us for your business logistics


With a number of factors that could affect your business logistics during the tournament, we don’t want you to get caught out. There’s still time to put a plan in place to minimise collection and delivery disruption during the footballing event.


To get the support you need, contact your nearest Speedy Freight branch, now.

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