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How Can Speedy Freight Provide Delivery Support During Peak Season? 

14th August 2023 | by Sam Nardi

How Can Speedy Freight Provide Delivery Support During Peak Season? 
Here at Speedy Freight, our services are often used in conjunction with other freight providers and owned fleets, as additional support.  We can offer support or be the complementary addition to a fleet in crisis or one that is at capacity, thanks to our access to a large and varied fleet,  specialist vehicles, and ourreliable services.Learn more about how we can support your delivery needs during peak season, and year-round!


When drivers are on holiday or during periods of increased demand, many businesses are left needing additional support. Gaps in your supply chain left by these unavoidable and sometimes unexpected events, can be addressed by partnering with Speedy Freight, who can offer comprehensive logistical support when you need it most. 

With peak season approaching, many companies using local courier services may experience the need to cover driver annual leave, which is something Speedy Freight can support throughout the year with no problem at all. 

Why Might You Need Delivery Support?  

Increased Demand:
During holidays and peak seasons, businesses often experience a surge in orders and shipments. This sudden increase in demand can put a strain on existing delivery capacity. As a result, businesses may need additional support to ensure timely and efficient deliveries. 

Driver Shortages: Holiday periods often coincide with a higher number of drivers taking annual leave. This can lead to a shortage of available drivers, making it challenging for businesses to maintain their usual delivery schedules. 

Fleet Capacity Constraints: Some companies may operate with a fixed fleet size that is suitable for their regular business operations. However, during peak seasons, this fleet might not be sufficient to handle the increased workload. As a result, they require extra resources to meet the heightened demand. 

Unforeseen Circumstances: Despite careful planning, unforeseen circumstances such as sudden surges in orders, breakdowns, or delays can disrupt a business's delivery operations. In such situations, having a reliable delivery support partner like Speedy Freight can help bridge the gaps in the supply chain. 

Specialist Deliveries: Certain businesses might have specific delivery requirements that their regular fleet cannot accommodate. Speedy Freight's access to a diverse range of specialist vehicles allows us to cater to unique delivery needs, ensuring that every shipment is handled carefully and appropriately. 

Geographic Coverage: Some businesses might have a strong delivery network in certain areas but lack coverage in others. By partnering with a delivery support provider like Speedy Freight, companies can expand their reach and service areas during peak times or when their regular fleet is unavailable. 

Time-Sensitive Deliveries: During peak seasons or holidays, there may be an increase in time-sensitive deliveries, such as perishable goods or last-minute gifts. Speedy Freight's reliable service can ensure that these urgent shipments are delivered promptly. 

Enhancing Customer Experience: Deliveries during bank holidays and peak seasons play a crucial role in customer satisfaction. Businesses that are well-prepared to handle the increased demand with the help of delivery support can provide a seamless and positive customer experience. 

How Can Speedy Freight Help Support Your Delivery Needs? 

Speedy Freight can offer short-term support when companies need it – whether they outsource or whether they run their own fleet. We can scale up in a matter of hours, and indeed, back down again! This does not require the client to commit for a long period, as Speedy Freight can both act in the interim as support or become a long-term supplier. In the case of the former, no contract is required.

Here’s a more in-depth look at how Speedy Freight can help: 

Rapid Scaling: When a company experiences a sudden surge in demand or faces unexpected delivery challenges, we can quickly scale up its services in a matter of hours. This rapid response ensures that businesses can meet the increased demand without delays, maintaining their reputation for timely deliveries. 

Seamless Scaling Down: Once the peak period or temporary demand surge subsides, we can easily scale back down. This feature is particularly beneficial for companies that need support during specific periods, such as peak seasons or one-off events, without committing to a long-term contract. 

Flexible Outsourcing: The flexible nature of partnering with us means that businesses can request delivery support only when required, without being tied to extended agreements. 

Additional Support: For companies that already operate their own fleet but face capacity issues or temporary setbacks, Speedy Freight can act as a complementary addition to their existing delivery operations. This enables businesses to overcome fleet limitations and continue serving their customers efficiently. 

No Long-Term Commitment: Speedy Freight's short-term support options mean that clients do not have to commit to lengthy contracts. This reduces the financial and operational risks associated with long-term agreements, providing greater freedom and adaptability for businesses. 

Interim Solutions: In situations where a company's regular delivery fleet is unavailable or is experiencing challenges, Speedy Freight can step in as an interim support solution. This ensures that businesses can maintain continuity in their operations and keep their supply chain running smoothly. 

Long-Term Partnership: While Speedy Freight excels in offering short-term support, it is also capable of becoming a reliable long-term supplier. Companies that experience consistent benefits from their partnership with Speedy Freight can choose to establish a more extended working relationship based on their needs and preferences. 

No Contract Required for Short-Term Support: When Speedy Freight provides interim support, there is no need for a formal contract. This simplicity and flexibility make it easy for companies to access the support they need without getting bogged down in complex paperwork. 

Get In Touch with Us for Delivery Support  

Speedy Freight offers comprehensive logistical support, specialist vehicles, and a reliable service that can assist businesses in handling increased demand, addressing fleet capacity constraints, and ensuring smooth operations during holidays and peak seasons.  

Whether it's covering driver annual leave, handling unexpected surges, or managing specialist delivery requests, Speedy Freight’s expertise and range of services can enhance a company's delivery capabilities. 

If you would like to learn more, get in touch with us. We can provide you with our extensive logistics and courier services, either as a stop-gap or a more fixed level of support – whatever you need, we’re there. 

Find your local Speedy Freight branch to request delivery support. 

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