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How To Ensure Your Retail Supply Chain Is Managed This Winter

19th October 2023 | by Sam Nardi

How To Ensure Your Retail Supply Chain Is Managed This Winter
As we approach the winter months, it is key to make sure your supply chain is maintained and prepared for Christmas. Stay ahead of the curve this winter, with a dedicated courier service from Speedy Freight.  


Summer is over, and for retailers, that only means one thing, Christmas is near! It may only be September, but with the peak winter trading season coming up, it’s time to start planning for the upcoming months. An airtight retail supply chain during the winter trading season is the most essential factor to ensure everything stays up and running as it should, to ensure continuous quality for clients and customers. 

Ensuring that your supply chain is maintained this winter will in turn keep stocks high during the seasonal peak – when you need it most. In addition, the poorer weather conditions during winter can also affect your supply chain, if not properly maintained. Ensuring your delivery service is properly organised and equipped can help prevent eleventh-hour emergencies, empty shelves and unsatisfied customers. 

No matter your industry, the festive trading peak is guaranteed to affect your stock management and supply chain. So how can you ensure your supply chain is maintained this winter? With our guide below, you can predict and prepare for the impact of the winter season, ensuring your goods are delivered on schedule whatever the weather.  

Managing Stock and Supplies  

Being prepared for the winter rush involves having sufficient stock to meet the demands of holiday shoppers well in advance. Regular deliveries of stock in the months leading up to winter will help keep your stores well-stocked, even during the busiest time of the year. To ensure a steady flow of goods, consider arranging a dedicated courier service, such as Speedy Freight, to relieve the pressure. Speedy Freight allows you to book deliveries in advance, ensuring efficient and timely stock replenishment. With our dedicated service, your delivery remains our top priority, allowing our drivers to work closely with your preferred schedule. 

We understand that last-minute emergencies can disrupt operations, such as missed cages on delivery vehicles or items not packed in time for departure. In such cases, Speedy Freight offers a same day delivery courier service to address these "mop-up" situations promptly. Our goal is to get your goods on the road within an hour of placing your order, whether they are ambient, chilled or frozen foods, clothing, toys, or tech – we can handle it all. 

Local Knowledge for Route Planning 

Cold weather can lead to hazardous transportation conditions like ice, snow, and sleet. To maintain your supply chain, you need a courier service with extensive local knowledge and experience in navigating these conditions. Winter often brings unexpected road closures and route changes, so your courier service should be well-prepared with strong local knowledge to adapt quickly to these challenges.  

With Speedy Freight's network of 60+ local branches across the UK and Europe, you can rely on having a local Speedy driver nearby, familiar with transportation links and the best routes to take. 

Access to Reliable and Varied Fleet  

During the Christmas season, your stock orders may vary, including larger orders or different items than what's popular throughout the year. Thus, having suitable transportation is essential. Look for a courier service with a diverse fleet capable of transporting goods of all shapes, sizes, and dimensions.  

Speedy Freight boasts access to a fleet of over 4,000 vehicles, including small, medium, and large vans, as well as specialist vehicles like temperature-controlled options and articulated lorries. Our variety ensures that we can meet all your courier needs, regardless of your specific requirements. 

Flexible and Scalable Delivery Resources 

Your courier needs may change during peak season, and you might require different services. Hub-and-spoke delivery, a prevalent retail delivery method accounting for over 99% of all retail deliveries worldwide, relies on ordering goods from a retailer's warehouse, where they are sorted into regional hubs and then delivered to consumers' homes. This system dominates delivery and distribution. Speedy Freight can assist in moving goods from regional hubs to local hubs efficiently. 

Moreover, with the rising popularity of e-commerce, click-and-collect systems are gaining traction. Many people prefer collecting parcels from designated local spots due to busy schedules. Your logistics partner should be capable of managing various delivery systems to keep you ahead of the curve. Speedy Freight supports numerous large retail organisations in bulk goods transportation to click-and-collect locations, using dedicated deliveries from regional depots to stores several times a day. 

Round-the-Clock Partner for Urgent Deliveries 

Unforeseen emergencies and last-minute crises are almost inevitable, especially for retail businesses. Whether it's a sudden spike in demand, an unexpected inventory shortfall, or a customer order that simply cannot wait, having a reliable round-the-clock partner for urgent deliveries is essential to keep your operations running smoothly. 

This is where Speedy Freight truly shines as your dedicated emergency courier service. We understand that time is of the essence when it comes to urgent deliveries. That's why we offer a 24/7, 365-days-a-year service to cater to your needs whenever they arise, right through the holiday period. 

What sets Speedy Freight apart is our commitment to providing a human touch, even in the most urgent situations. When you call us, you won't encounter automated or pre-recorded messages. Instead, you'll always reach a real person on the other end of the phone, ready and eager to assist you. Our experienced and responsive team is at your disposal, ready to swing into action the moment you require our services. 


Plan Your Winter Logistics with Speedy Freight 


Stay ahead of the Christmas curve this winter, with a dedicated courier service from Speedy Freight. Simply contact us to organise your planned delivery service, and make sure your supply chain is maintained this winter.   


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